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I first read Gendlins book on Focusing in 1988 shortly after I had qualified as a Teacher of the Alexander Technique Teacher. It was obvious to me that improving the physical posture and energy flow will only be a temporary thing until the underlying psychological story can also be named and transformed. Once I discovered Focusing I knew that I had the perfect tool to blend in with with my body-work skills. Wholebody Focusing (WBF) uses the power of awareness to awaken subtle inner directed movements in the body that can connect you with your inner wisdom and life direction. I published my first book - Let Your Life Flow (C W Daniels, 2002), outlining how the Alexander Technique can be integrated with Gestalt Psychotherapy and Focusing. Shortly afterwards, in 2004 I met Kevin McEvenue, the founder of Wholebody Focusing and we were focusing partners for more than a decade. In 2017 I published my book "Wholebodyfocusing - Neural Pathways to Prosperity, Health & Wisdom" (

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I am a Focusing Trainer and I offer regular weekend workshops for people who want to train in Focusing and Wholebody Focusing. The emphasis is on getting into Grounded Presence and being able to connect with your Inner Wisdom and Guidance. I give personal WBF Skype sessions for clients from all over the UK and the world, for personal growth and therapy. I have extensive experience in helping clients to overcome trauma and blockages. Currently I am running a Neuroscience Brain Research program using brain SPEC scans and qEEG scans to increase our understanding of the scientific basis of Focusing. Focusing can dramatically change brain rhythms, restructure and reintegrate the brain. There is clear evidence of neuroplasticity as a result of regular Focusing sessions. In addition I am also engaged with a Focusing Community in a couple of old farm houses in Brittany, France, where people come together for longer or shorter periods for Focusing Retreats, living in community and communicating from a place of Grounded Presence.

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