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On the journey to our fullness, from merely surviving to living and thriving, Focusing has hugely supported myself and others. Empathic listening, unconditional acceptance, learning to find your own ground and follow your inherent wisdom, are just some of what Focusing can bring, and which I wish to share with others through personal 'one to one' Focusing sessions and group workshops.

'Every bad feeling is potential towards a more right way of being if you give it space to move toward its rightness.' - Eugene Gendlin, PhD (Founder of Focusing)

I'm registered with The British Focusing Association (BFA) and The Focusing Institute (New York). I am also a Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer (, which is also known as Compassionate Communication. I find Focusing's deep non-judgmental inner listening an incredible support in deepening inner and outer empathic listening, and respectful authentic communication with others.

With over 20 years of struggles with depression and addictions, it was Focusing that offered an unconditional space for difficult feelings and challenges to receive the deep empathic listening that was longed for. Instead of shaming and blaming, Focusing offers a supported inner space to gently listen to the whole of our being. Places deeply buried and cut off are invited to be heard, known and felt, enabling their natural life energy to be lived, expressed & carried forward in nourishing ways that support the whole of an individual. From this place of deep inner listening, change is not forced but organically flows from the body's inherent wisdom and knowing of the next right steps, leading to authentic and sustained change.

'I am so grateful for your skill and care Amanda I felt really safe to go into my vulnerable places, and feel very moved by the deep shift in me, even from one session.' - P. Green

'I left the workshop feeling rejuvenated and mysteriously resolved about some issues I had been facing.' - Prachi

What I'm Doing Now

I offer Focusing sessions that support individuals to deeply listen and tune in to their own felt sense, and unique sense of rightness, with care, respect, and authenticity, I draw richly on my own experience of working with depression, anxiety, addictions, eating disorders, trauma and inner criticism.

   Focusing 'One to One' sessions
   (Phone/Skype/ In Person Sessions - Bristol)
   Focusing based NVC 'One to One' sessions.
   (Tailored to the client's requirements)
   Secondary Mentoring for Practitioner trainee

Please contact Amanda directly if you would like to explore what could support you.

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