Cathy Rowan - Focusing Member in west midlands


Personal Statement about Training Program:
I work with people individually, by phone and by Skype.
I am passionate about Focusing as it has transformed my life. Prior to a car accident in 1999 I worked in the field of acquired brain injury and I now use my knowledge of neuroscience to support my practice and work.

For over 10 years my life was severely restricted by a chronic pain condition and my life was about micro-managing the pain. Then I discovered Focusing: it has guided me in the process of releasing layers of old trauma locked in my body and so finding a path to wellbeing and thriving. This is an ongoing journey. 

Focusing is the heart of all I do professionally. I combine it with Mindfulness, Reiki, Neuro-education and Positive Psychology. All my work is about helping people live more fully in their body and become more fully who they are.

A Sample of my Work: 
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My Publications: 
Self in Presence:

The Transformative Agent in Healing Chronic Pain

What I'm Doing Now

    What I do:

I am trained in teaching Mindfulness and Reiki and use these to support the Focusing process when appropriate as well as my applied neuroscience background.

Areas of particular interest include:
Twelve Step work
Neuro-education in connection with cultivating health and wellbeing 

In particular I find my approach can help people with the following challenges in their lives
Chronic pain and other medical conditions including addiction
Traumatic grief

Primary Phone

44 1684 568609

Secondary Phone

44 7753 291 061

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