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I began learning Focusing formally in 2012 and qualified in 2015 as a Focusing Practitioner. Focusing is now an integral and much-loved part of my life. I have experienced feelings of astonishment and awe when – as can happen in a Focusing session - a bubble of complex meaning has risen up from some ‘background’ or ‘depth within’, ‘popping’ into my awareness and bringing me ‘news’.

Focusing is a natural, life-enhancing practice. When we Focus, we learn how to listen deeply to what is going on within us, the body akin to a ‘field of experience’. In Focusing, we learn how to pause and connect, or reconnect, with the articulate intelligence within ourselves, gently and gradually building bridges and forming relationships with what is there. We learn how to become more empathic as listeners, for ourselves and others. All of this seems central to what we are, or can be, as human beings; relationship is at the heart of life, in simple and complex, explicit and implicit ways.

Focusing can aid the innate ‘maturation’ process, as we grow into touch with precisely who we are as particular embodied beings within life/time, and this includes the parts within and the parts without; the parts that flow and the parts that are stuck; the exiled and the integrated.  

In practical terms, Focusing can help us to feel more alive and engaged, more accepting of ourselves and others, more open to new possibilities that present themselves. When a situation that has been stuck starts to shift, we can feel it in our bodies, as relief.

Further information about me
I also teach literature, creative writing and other arts/humanities disciplines for the Open University, and run creative writing sessions and workshops locally and via Skype. I am currently in training as a Poetry Therapy Practitioner, and run one-to-one and group sessions and courses on themes relating to interconnection, personal development and creative empowerment under the title ‘Eye of the Storm’. My creative life involves writing and music-making - my website has information about all of this.  

BFA recognised Focusing Practitioner
BA Hons, MA, CertEd.
Poetry Therapy Practitioner in training (International Academy for Poetry Therapy)

What I'm Doing Now

I offer one-to-one Focusing sessions via Skype, FaceTime (if you have an iPad/Mac) and/or by phone. If you live in my own area – Anglesey, North Wales – we may be able to meet for sessions in person. A key area of interest is in working with people who feel ‘stuck or blocked’ in various ways, including around creativity. I am also interested in working with people who wish to grow their awareness around issues of animal and environmental concerns – but Focusing relates to us as whole persons and touches into all areas of what we struggle with, so you are warmly welcome to get in touch for a chat. Croeso cynnes i chi gysylltu am sgwrs.  

Primary Phone

01407 810742

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