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Focusing has taught me the power of compassionate listening and unconditional acceptance in transforming lives and I am keen to share this magical process with others. If you are feeling overwhelmed by thoughts or feelings, or you feel something is holding you back from fulfilling your full potential then Focusing can help you.

I have developed my teaching over the years to include a range of methods you can use to support you to learn this valuable process. I have revised my training programme to include a mixture of group courses, phone classes, and individual support to help you nurture the development of Focusing and listening skills.

I was first introduced to Focusing in 1996 at a Quaker by a theologian who saw a link between the practice of 17th century Quakers and Focusing.  I started learning Focusing to help me cope with a stressful work situation and found it relieved my inner tensions.

I have been involved in the community wellness approach that was developed in Afghanistan where similarities were made between the 12th century sufi poet Rumi and Focusing.  I am currently working with the Palestine Trauma Centre which has found Focusing has really reduced symptoms of PTSD in Gaza. Community wellness Focusing includes the use of objects and drawing as metaphors for our inner experience and I now use these methods into all my teaching.

I teach Focusing as a self-development tool, which is accessible to us all and I am particularly keen on the way Focusing can provide us method of mutual support and self healing.

I am a BFA Recognised Focusing Practitioner and Teacher, Accredited with the Focusing Institute as a Trainer and a Co-ordinator in training.

What I'm Doing Now

I teach Focusing to groups and individuals on courses and over the telephone. I also offer individual focusing sessions.

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