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I discovered Focusing in 1998 and have wondered since then how I ever managed without it. Before learning this simple yet profound way of listening to my inner world, I was like a leaf in the wind - simply taking life as it came and always looking elsewhere for guidance and support. What a relief it was to discover that I can stand firmly on the ground of my own in-the-moment experience and trust my inner sense of direction!

Listening to others in this life-affirming way has become one of my greatest pleasures. There is a deeply nourishing sense of the sacred in the room whenever people share this gentle practice with one another.

Initially trained in inner-relationship Focusing, I have since explored a range of other approaches and am committed to supporting newcomers in finding their own, unique way into this subtle art. I especially enjoy introducing people to the depth and spaciousness of the 'Wholebody' appraoch to Focusing.

I love the flexibility of teaching one-to-one and in small groups. Each session or workshop can evolve according to the individual's (or group's) sense of what needs to happen next. In this way students can find their own balance between theory and practice and determine their own pace and direction. Individuals are able to gravitate naturally towards the richness of group courses and workshops if and when the time feels right for them.

I also teach yoga both in classes and one-to-one, and enjoy combining Focusing with movement.

BFA Recognised Practitioner, Teacher and Mentor, Focusing Institute Trainer and Certifying Coordinator

What I'm Doing Now

One-to-one Focusing sessions and training both in person and by phone/Skype.
Training in Focusing and listening to Focusing skills certificate level for small groups (in person and on Skype/ Zoom).
Practitioner/Teacher training courses
Wholebody Focusing workshops
Individual movement sessions with a Focusing approach: using inner-directed movement either with or without the incorporation of yoga postures.

Kay offers Focusing Skills, Wholebody Focusing and special interest workshops for small groups by arrangement throughout the year. Please contact Kay directly if you would like to arrange a course or workshop in your area.

Primary Phone

01767 448705

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Primary Email

Kay Hoffmann - kay.hoffmann@homecall.co.uk

Events by Kay Hoffmann

Focusing skills course


This comprehensive foundation course in Focusing and listening is a...

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This comprehensive foundation course in Focusing and listening is a combination of online (Zoom) group sessions and one long-weekend residential retreat. The course is divided into five sections: four blocks of four Zoom sessions (i.e. 16 in total), between mid-January and end of June, plus the residential retreat in April. No prior-experience of Focusing is required. You are welcome to attend the introductory block of four Zoom sessions without committing upfront to the whole course if you wish. I expect to run one daytime and one evening group for the online sessions. Each group will have a maximum of five participants and all participants will be invited to come together for the in-person retreat. If the residential component is not accessible for you, it is also possible to do this section of the course online. In this small-group setting, you will find the course offers a welcoming, sensitively-held space where you feel able to turn up 'just as you are'. Each session will include time to settle in together, some input on Focusing and companioning, and Focusing time in pairs or threes. The themes of the five course sections are:

  • An introduction to Focusing and companioning
  • The nature of the felt sense, and how to receive your own and others' experience skilfully and sensitively
  • The gifts of the body in Focusing and companioning
  • Offering suggestions in the listening role, and being with complex areas of inner experience
  • Self-criticism, 'exile' and Focusing in everyday life
We will explore these themes together in an experiential way, allowing plenty of time for your own input and reflections. The cost of each section is £120 (plus accommodation costs for the retreat). Please email me for further information and booking form. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Wed 10 Jan - 27 Jun 2018

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