Lesley Wilson - Focusing Member in south west


I first came to Focusing 20 years ago as part of my personal spiritual journey and soon recognised the powerful authenticity and integrity the process brings as a way of living. It provides a simple, safe way of inner connection and healing for difficult feelings and problems in life; and at the same time offers a bridge, through the bodily felt sense, into an astonishing world of constantly unfolding meaning and wisdom .Experiencing this can bring a unique personal sense of being part of, and supported by, a larger dimension of Gift and Grace. I have taught a programme of BioSpiritual Focusing for many years in workshops and retreats, at all levels. I now offer individual sessions and training; and I will teach small group workshops on request.

BFA Recognised Focusing Teacher, Institute for Biospirituality Research, Regional Co-ordinator, Focusing facilitator and teacher

What I'm Doing Now

Introductory, intermediate and advanced workshops

Individual teaching and courses

Biospiritual Focusing Association events and resource library

Primary Phone

01672 515158

Primary Email

Lesley Wilson - lwilsonBSFA@talktalk.net