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I describe Focusing as the “final piece of the jigsaw”.  I have found it to be the most powerful yet gentle approach to personal growth and emotional healing I have encountered in 30 years working in the Therapy, Training, Management and Personal Development field.

Training as a Person Centred Therapist, I witnessed the power of listening, being heard and received just as we are. Since learning Focusing I have realized I was hearing the messages my body was sending me, but I wasn’t fully listening to them. Focusing has given me the gift of learning to listen to the inner knowing and wisdom of my body, to really listen to myself.

Focusing has enabled me to be with parts of myself that simply wished to be heard without the expectation of any change being wanted or needed. Here I found the essence of Focusing – if I stop trying to make something change and simply meet it where it is, then it will change if it needs to. Often it is content just to be heard and acknowledged.

I am passionate about Focusing - the new possibilities and ways of being it brings for each of us. I appreciate the opportunity to share this with other people.

I offer one to one Focusing sessions by Skype, Phone and Face to Face in Kenilworth, Warwickshire.

I am completing the BFA Trainer programme, offering the 5 BFA Focusing Skills Certificate workshops in Kenilworth, Warwickshire.

I offer talks to Groups and Therapists about Focusing.

I coordinate the West Midlands Focusing Circle. We aim to meet for a morning of Focusing every 2 – 3  months at my house in Kenilworth.

If you live or work in the midlands and would like to run a workshop or have a face to face session but can’t get to Kenilworth, please contact me

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0787 358 9132

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Events by Liz Orrell

Introduction to Focusing – Listening to Yourself. Level 1 BFA Focusing Skills Certificate 1 Place remaining

focusing skills certificate Course

This 2 day workshop is open to anyone...

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This 2 day workshop is open to anyone who wants to explore and learn about Focusing. No previous experience of Focusing is needed.

People learn Focusing for a variety of reasons, everyone is welcome to come and learn more about how Focusing can help in their day to day life

What you will Learn

You will learn to notice to sense into the body and to hear the knowing which is held in the body without being overwhelmed by what is there. You will learn how to listen to your inner self with compassion and acceptance. You will begin to learn how to guide yourself in a Focusing and how to support someone else in the Focusing process.  My workshops are based on  the Inner Relationship approach to Focusing of Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara McGavin and also explore the work of Gene Gendlin and the origins of Focusing.

Location of Workshops

My workshops are run from a Therapy Centre in Kenilworth in Warwickshire.  The setting an old house, used as a therapy centre in Old Kenilworth. It has a lovely atmosphere and a beautiful garden, which makes for a great setting for a weekend workshop.  The venue is accessible by public transport and there is car parking close by.

More about the workshop

Focusing is a gentle but powerful approach to exploring and hearing what are inner places wish to tell us.  The workshop is limited to a maximum of 6 participants. Previous participants have told me they like the small group size and it helps create a safe space in which to explore focusing and gives the opportunity to get to know everyone at the workshop. There are opportunities for group discussion and one to one focusing sessions where you can practice and explore what you have been introduced to. My workshops run from 9.45 - 4.45 each day.

BFA Focusing Skills Certificate

This workshop is Level 1 of the BFA Focusing Skills Certificate.  It can be taken on its own as an introduction to Focusing. It is not necessary to sign up to all 5 levels to take this level. The only requirement is that the workshops are taken in order as each level builds from the previous one.


The cost for the workshop is £140.00 if booked before 15th August 2019, thereafter the cost is £160.00. If you wish to book for the workshop, I ask for a £50.00 deposit on booking to secure your place.  You can contact me via my website where you will find more information about Focusing, Me and the workshops I offer or by e mail:- If you would like more information or to talk with me about this workshop - please do get in touch.

What Previous Participants have Said about Focusing and my Workshops

I always feel welcomed, comfortable and safe on the weekends. I have learned a lot and these weekends always inspire me to look a little deeper I really appreciate how clearly everything is explained. The course notes are well set out and very clear. It is good to have something to take away and reflect on after the weekend. It was lovely to be in such an open and accepting group I have been surprised and pleased to discover how gentle focusing is

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Sat 28 Sep - 29 Sep 2019

Kenilworth, west midlands

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