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I so love and appreciate having Focusing in my life. It’s a though I’ve become an explorer, kitted out with strong shoes, a well-stocked rucksack, a map and compass...and as I continue to navigate my own healing journey I’m enjoying walking beside others who also wish to travel with Focusing.

For many years I struggled with physical tension as well as periods of overwhelm, feeling blocked and unsure how to help myself. Seeking help from others and being given advice to relax, to meditate and to be more confident – without the ‘how to,’ motivated my search. Lots of studying, practices and therapies helped, and now that I have Focusing I can pause and sense inside for my own inner knowing. I was in California on a Yoga retreat when I met Focusing and had some guided sessions and knew I’d discovered treasure. I can remember feeling warmly held in an allowing space and safe enough to settle and to begin to ‘feel my feelings’ and to spend time with them. I learnt to fully welcome the shifts, understanding and new energy that came, and to allow them to express outwardly too.

I decided to study Inner Relationship Focusing with Ann Weiser Cornell. After finishing Focusing Skills Training I went on to complete my Professional Training with Ann and Barbara McGavin. Additional studies have included Focusing Alone, Focusing on the Fly, Focusing with Death and Dying, Focusing Conversations with Gene Gendlin and Ann Weiser Cornell.

All areas of my own life continue to benefit from Focusing including being more confident about travelling internationally on my own, discovering a passion for photography and joining a weekly Creative Writing Group.

My clients and students are also enthusiastic about their experience of Focusing:
“It was great to have the opportunity to talk and feel really listened to – very liberating.” LM
“My experience with Pamela, both in personal sessions and in her course, was highly positive and I can fully recommend working with her. She listens well, explains well and teaches well.” KB

What I'm Doing Now


Where and How:  Macclesfield, Cheshire/Manchester/North West of England, UK and Internationally – in person, by phone or Skype call.

Focusing Client Sessions:  one-to-one. I love to introduce new people to Focusing. All clients are offered a safe, supportive and spacious place to explore, experience and benefit from this unique healing process.

Focusing Training:  one-to-one or small group workshops. These courses are tailored to the students who attend and are varied, lively and relaxed. The sessions offer a comfortable space with empathic listening, trusting and honouring of each person’s inner wisdom. There is time for practice, self-reflection and discussion and to enjoy the group experience.

Additional Support:  I am committed to promoting wellbeing, creativity and lifelong learning. My extensive studies and experience mean I can include aspects of Mindfulness, Movement, Relaxation, Natural Nutrition and Healing when appropriate in my work with clients and students.

I enjoy offering Focusing to Health Professionals and Complimentary Therapists, helping them to benefit personally and add Focusing to their toolkits for helping others too.

BFA Mentoring as a Second Mentor

Talks and Workshops:  for groups and organisations on request.

My Website has more information including articles and testimonials. I’m happy to chat with you about how Focusing might fit for you and what I can offer .

Pamela Carr CertEd DipDiet MNFSH
Focusing Practitioner and Teacher
Certified by the Focusing Institute and the British Focusing Association.

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