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I came across Focusing in 2005 during my eight-year long stay in Cambridge, UK. I was certified in 2011 as a Focusing practitioner by BFA and subsequently as a Focusing trainer by the Focusing Institute. My background is in business and finance; I worked in sales and management. Since 2010 I’ve been working as a consultant at Life at work, Ltd – offering personal and professional training and coaching in communication, emotional intelligence and well-being. I moved back to my home city Bratislava in April 2012.

I discovered Focusing on my inner journey - as a Buddhist meditator. I have been consistently touched by how Focusing is able to foster subtlety, kindness and tangible way of acceptance in my own and people’s inner worlds. Focusing for me is a way of living my live – with awareness of what asks for attention in my experience, and possibility to welcome and accept it radically.

BFA recognised Focusing Practitioner

What I'm Doing Now

I teach Focusing to individuals and groups – in English and my native Slovak.
I offer one to one sessions, in person, on the phone or via skype.
I also offer training and coaching in Communication (with Non-violent communication) and Mindfulness Meditation.

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