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I first came across Focusing during my psychotherapy training in the early 1990s and found it took me a while to get my head-and-body around it. Despite a background in psychotherapy and Buddhist meditation, it wasn’t until I met Focusing that I really discovered what it meant to make a relationship with feelings and experiences, rather than being immersed in them or detached from them. As I began to learn it, I realised that this gentle but powerful process can bring about real inner shifts. Even when parts of me felt bad, I saw that being with them in this way felt good.

I trained with Barbara McGavin in Inner Relationship Focusing. I have found Focusing highly compatible with both insight meditation and my work as a psychotherapist. My own practice of Focusing continues to be an important part of my inner journey.

BFA Recognised Focusing Practitioner and Teacher

What I'm Doing Now

I run Focusing Skills courses as well as workshops using Focusing with creative expression. I am particularly interested in working with Focusing and writing. I am also available for individual Focusing sessions and one-to-one teaching, and for ongoing psychotherapy. I trained in Core Process psychotherapy, a Buddhist-based approach that incorporates Focusing

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Focusing for Counsellors and Psychotherapists in Penzance

specialist Course

FOCUSING FOR COUNSELLORS AND PSYCHOTHERAPISTS a weekend workshop for practitioners at...

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FOCUSING FOR COUNSELLORS AND PSYCHOTHERAPISTS a weekend workshop for practitioners at Mudita House, 43 Morrab Road, Penzance, TR18 4EX  Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th June 2019, 10.00 am - 5.00 pm each day The workshop counts as 12 hours’ CPD. Certificates will be given. Many psychotherapists use elements of Focusing in their work, or would like to do so. Learning to be with the felt sense can help both client and therapist to connect more deeply with the process that is unfolding. It can also be a resource for the practitioner themselves. This workshop is for practising psychotherapists and counsellors. There will be time for both theory and experiential work, as well as in-depth discussion of Focusing in your practice.  Cost: £120.  Deposit: £30  For information and bookings contact Susan Jordan  Tel: 01364 653742               Susan Jordan is a UKCP registered Core Process psychotherapist and supervisor and a BFA recognised Focusing Teacher. She has been teaching Focusing since 2003 and has taught a module on Focusing and Experiential Psychotherapy at Regent’s University.    

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Sat 15 Jun - 16 Jun 2019

Penzance, south west

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