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I first came across Focusing during my psychotherapy training in the early 1990s and found it took me a while to get my head-and-body around it. Despite a background in psychotherapy and Buddhist meditation, it wasn’t until I met Focusing that I really discovered what it meant to make a relationship with feelings and experiences, rather than being immersed in them or detached from them. As I began to learn it, I realised that this gentle but powerful process can bring about real inner shifts. Even when parts of me felt bad, I saw that being with them in this way felt good.

I trained with Barbara McGavin in Inner Relationship Focusing. I have found Focusing highly compatible with both insight meditation and my work as a psychotherapist. My own practice of Focusing continues to be an important part of my inner journey.

BFA Recognised Focusing Practitioner and Teacher

What I'm Doing Now

I run Focusing Skills courses as well as workshops using Focusing with creative expression. I am particularly interested in working with Focusing and writing. I am also available for individual Focusing sessions and one-to-one teaching, and for ongoing psychotherapy. I trained in Core Process psychotherapy, a Buddhist-based approach that incorporates Focusing

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