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What we do

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What matters to us

In 1994, a small group of Focusing teachers joined together to form the British Focusing Teachers Association (now the British Focusing Association CIC) We wanted to support each other as Focusing teachers. Since then we have grown to include people who offer one-to-one Focusing sessions and Focusing-Oriented therapists and coaches.

For each of us, Focusing is an integral aspect of our lives. We have each experienced the subtle and profound shifts that Focusing can bring. All of us long for a world in which the benefits of Focusing are as widespread as those of Mindfulness or meditation. We believe that cooperation and mutual support among independent Focusing practitioners helps to create the kind of world that we want to be a part of.

For almost twenty years we have striven to create the kind of association that is in alignment with our deeply held values and is an expression of Focusing itself.

Forging a kind of organisation which combines such high levels of openness with a strong commitment to ensuring that Focusing is taught and practiced well by our members is a big challenge. It can be difficult to maintain an openness that honours the integrity and creativity of each individual while also striving to maintain high levels of professional practice.

Our values

  • Mutual respect
    • We believe that each person brings something of value to our endeavours. Each member’s voice has equal validity – and everyone is encouraged to share their viewpoint.
  • Integrity
    • We are committed to high standards of personal and professional integrity.
  • Diversity
    • We honour the creativity and diverse styles of each of our members. Because this is so important to us, our teachers are free to design their own programmes and develop their own teaching styles
  • Openness
    • We are open to what each person can contribute to our knowledge and understanding of Focusing and how it can be shared with others.
    • We are open to including recognised practitioners from each of the approaches to practising and teaching Focusing.
  • Support
    • Working alone can be a lonely business. We encourage our members to have partnerships where they can exchange support for their work.
  • Sensitivity to each person’s needs
    • Each person is an individual with their own needs. We are committed to being sensitive to the individual needs of each of our members, students and clients.
  • Consensus.
    • We are committed to taking into account each person’s feelings of acceptance or disquiet. For this reason we do not vote. We make decisions by listening carefully until all those present agree to go forward.

Who can be a member of BFA?

  • BFA Recognised Practitioners, Teachers and Mentors
  • Focusing Trainers certified with the Focusing Institute
  • Focusing-Oriented Therapists certified with the Focusing Institute
  • Focusing-Oriented therapists UEA
  • Focusing Trainers recognised by the Institute for Biospiritual Research

For enquiries about joining BFA please contact our membership secretary Elizabeth Smith

Our Policies

These documents are available to download as pdfs. Clicking on the title will download it to your computer.

Contact us

Please feel free to email us. Our mail is: info@focusing.org.uk