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An Introduction to Thinking at the Edge

13th July 2019 - 14th July 2019 Liverton, Devon, South West


This is the second process that Eugene Gendlin has developed, after Focusing. It is using Focusing to identify exactly what you know about something. It enables you to articulate what you want to say about this, in the way that only you can. Find something that you care about, that you know something about, and that you want to say something about. Discover how you can begin to communicate what you know but can’t yet formulate.

This is an introductory weekend, and we will only have time to explore the first stages of the TAE process. But that is valuable in itself – it’s an adventure in thinking, Focusing, self-exploration and questioning. It’s challenging, demanding and very enjoyable.

Prerequisite:Focusing Skills Course Level 2

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