Online Focusing Foundation Skills Travel Lighter Course

Event Start Date:
3rd September 2018
Event End Date:
1st April 2019
Event Venue:

What do you do when you want to let go of something in you, but it is not ready to let go of you!?


How wonderful would it be if you could ‘be with yourself’ in a way that inspired flow and movement even with the most challenging of patterns, to tap into your innate body wisdom?

Learn how to Travel Lighter with Focusing in your life.


What is Focusing?
It is a moment by moment way of ‘coming home’ to yourself. It is an exquisitely sensitive way of listening to or sensing what our (inner) world is telling us, often in the form of subtle feelings/sensations, in a way that is safe and gentle. It offers a creative and quietly profound way of being even with what we find most difficult and challenging. In focusing we are often pleasantly surprised by fresh or new spaces emerging, even from ‘impossibly stuck’ places. It is, in my experience a deeply satisfying process allowing my heart and soul space to breathe and be itself, to find its own sense of rightness.

Listen now to Short introduction to Focusing with Healing Attunement 


This Focusing 5 Module Course offers a means to;

Develop a grounded and balanced sense of yourself
Compassionately respond to your inner judge
Enable a gentle and deep inner healing process
Develop empathic and sensitive listening

Enjoy an enriched sense of sharing and communing with others
Learn to sense and befriend your body in a new & empowered way
Live life from the unfolding fresh moment


This program offers not only an enrichment in wellbeing but a profoundly deep sense of connection and sharing with an inclusive sense of community experience.


What can you expect in any one session

Enjoy the closeness and intimacy of others on a shared journey
Hear and see the others as you interact and explore focusing
Do exercises, demonstrations and explore focusing together
Connect with individuals and the whole group (up to 6)
Focusing sessions between online sessions


An online course, How?   Zoom 

  • This online course offers a very convenient way o to participate from the comfort of home, avoiding travel and whilst enjoying a sense of connection and community.
    We will use Zoom – easy to download with the option to use a free phone based conference facility if need be.
  • Zoom is really great because if you miss a session – we record all sessions – you can have a copy to listen to before the next session.
  • You will be given a copy of the recording for your learning library.


Titles and dates for the 5 Modules

Module 1: First steps in your Focusing Journey: An introduction

Monday Sept 3 2018

Module 2: Focusing and journeying deeper to travel lighter


Module 3: Focusing and the joy of the senses


Module 4: Focusing and Going solo; journeying in confidence


Module 5: Focusing and Freedom


[Day & Time: Mondays 6.30 – 8.30 pm (sessions 2 hrs long)]


Example of a Module overview and content

Module 1 overview (First Steps on your Focusing Journey) offers
A comprehensive introduction to focusing
Allow you to engage in focusing partnerships

Module 1 Content
Exploring the landscape – Focusing and silent listening
Describing and resonating
Letting parts be there as fully as it wants to be
The shape of the Focusing process

Intimate group up to 6 participants only

BFA Certificated

£150 per module prior to commencing.

Try one module first? You have the option at the end of the first module to complete your commitment.

However, if after the first module if you are delighted with your skills and community experience you are invited to make a firm commitment to complete the 5 modules for the sake of learning and support for others as a community.


Secure your 1st Module Booking Now with Payment Options

Pay a £50 (to secure a place) deposit or for the first Module in full £150 (payable prior to the start of the Module)

Bank Transfer Details


Mr S McKibbin

Sort Code: 401156

Account number: 30586749

OR   Paypal: Go to (If you have a choice Bank transfer is preferable)


Confirmation of Booking & Payment

Please send me a confirmation email ( ) to mention you have paid with your Bank Reference / Paypal Reference


Interested and want to find out more?

Call me on 0044 (0)7974 817 393 or email


Your Facilitator Simon McKibbin

I met Gene Gendlin (Founder of Focusing) in 2008 when I visited the Garrison Institute in Garrison, New York.  I was moved by his quality of utter humility and ordinariness, endearing me to want to embrace this precious approach. Through it I have come to appreciate the extraordinary depth of vision that Gene had.

I am therefore touched to share this precious vision, for my own quality of balance and growth and the sanity of the world, which badly needs it!  I believe I enrich Focusing through my 30 years as a Mindfulness practitioner and teacher and as a Non Violent Communication (NVC) trainer.  I am currently on placement with Cambridge University involved in a Mindfulness research project and teaching Focusing based Mindfulness to the students.

I very much look forward to sharing this precious vision with you that has does so much to enrich my own life moment by moment


Meet the Founder Eugene Gendlin introducing Focusing    Eugene Gendlin on Focusing


More on Focusing Focusing Guided Attunements live with Simon

A series of Attunements from Module 1 2018 Focusing Community and Skills Program Year 4 long weekends in Galway, Ireland – Still Taking bookings for Module 2 in June 2018  Listen to some of the Guided Attunements.



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