Natural wisdom walk

Event Start Date:
8th May 2018
Event End Date:
8th May 2018
Event Venue:


For thousands of years, people have walked the land with questions in their hearts. They listened and opened to what we could call their intuitive wisdom. This walk will offer you a chance to learn how to access this intuitive or bodily knowing. Most of our lives are driven by our intellect and “strategic” mind, but what does your body know about your life? Through reflective practices based on “Focusing” and mindfulness we will open up new doorways to our intuition. We will find new answers to old issues, we will find ways to listen afresh to ourselves, each other and the natural world. We will send time alone, in pairs and as a community.

By the end of the day you will:

Have learnt some new skills to access your intuitive wisdom

Know how to meet parts of yourself that “block” the process

Met the natural world, not from your mind but with your body


When was the last time you had a whole day to roam wild and free? Nowhere to be, no one to meet, no plan, no sense of time, no set pace, no map, no destination. A whole day when you could let go of absolutely everything and simply follow your energy and curiosity?

We meet at 9 am in the morning (in a secret location less that 10 mins drive from Stroud) and begin to roam through wild bluebells and ancient beech forests, free to explore the land and our inner landscape with ease and curiosity. The day will be infused with a range of practices that help us meet ourselves, each other and nature with intimacy, open up to the majestic and give ourselves over to the moment completely – both within and without. We will go at a slow pace and cover around 5 miles. It is not a trek but a meander through our rich and myriad experience.