Radical Acceptance: How everything inside is on your side

Event Start Date:
24th October 2018
Event End Date:
24th October 2018
Event Venue:

Are you “at war” with yourself? or find it hard to accept aspects of yourself? Do your inner critics get the better of you? Are there feelings you wish you never had?
and would you like to be at peace with yourself, harnessing all your feelings and energies? if so you may be relived to know…

Everything inside of you is on your side. The embodied practice known as ‘Focusing’ gives us a trustworthy way of finding deep acceptance and compassion towards every feeling inside. It is a gentle yet powerful skill that can bring compassion and curiosity to even the most tricky aspects of ourself (think of the part of you that acts compulsively or you harsh inner judge). Once learnt, we will no longer have to be at war with any part of us…. and we can even discover the treasure these parts hold.

At this free talk/taster, we will get to practice a key skill that begins us on our journey of self acceptance and learn more about why we have no enemies within.

7.30 – 8.30pm

Gold room, Centre for Science and art, Lansdown Rd, Stroud

Register by contacting me.