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Walking into mystery…

29th September 2019 stroud, South West


What does it mean for you to be alive?
What can we feel when we let go or our “strategic mind” and open to what we do not know?
What happens when we open fully to the mysterious nature of being aware and being human, here in this time and place and at the same time connected to all of life around us? What does your body know about this?
What does nature know?

Join me on a walk and exploration, amongst ancient beeches and the myriad of non human beings in nature enquiring into these questions and more.

We will play and explore with exercises from Focusing and Nature awareness practices.

We will spend time alone and together in the natural world.

We will gather around the hearth and be human again.

Sep 11-7pm. At a secret location near Stroud

Opene to anyone who knows Focusing

Booking link (offsite)

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