Guided Focusing Sessions

extlink-grey3How do I find a Focusing Practitioner?

extlink-grey3What can you expect in a one-to-one session?

extlink-grey3What can you expect from your Focusing Practitioner

extlink-grey3What people say about individual sessions

How do I find a Practitioner?

What can you expect in a one-to-one session?

  • You can expect to spend most of the time quietly attending to your own inner experience
  • When you speak, your Focusing guide will probably reflect your words back to you so that you can check if they match your experience.
  • Your Focusing guide may give you suggestions about what you might do next, for example, “You might take some time to notice how that feels in your body now.”
  • You will probably spend most of your time with your eyes closed (though, of course, you don’t have to.

What can you expect from your Focusing Practitioner?

  • You can expect to receive respectful, unobtrusive support.
  • You can expect to be compassionately, sensitively accompanied.
  • You can expect to be able to be as private or open about the content of your session as feels right to you – no pressure to reveal anything that feels too sensitive or embarrassing.
  • You can expect to have anything you say kept completely confidential.
  • You can expect to be in charge of your own process – you are encouraged to let your guide know what helps and what hinders your process.

What people say about individual sessions:

  • I can really concentrate on myself – the time is all mine.
  • I don’t have to commit to weeks or months of sessions – I love being able to have a single session when I want it.
  • I get experienced listening and guidance for my Focusing process.
  • I learn so much about how to do Focusing on my own and in my partnership
  • I have regular Focusing sessions as a kind of psychological maintenance programme. It keeps me up to date with myself and heals past wounds.
  • I love the feeling of ownership and self-responsibility for my emotional health.
  • It is the one place where I feel that I can be completely myself.