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What I am inspired by is a movement of meaning and intouchness with the sense of more to life. The sense of being magnetised by life potential or moved by the depth of feeling. Also the experience of being engaged, connected and yet free and full of wonder. At times it could be simply captured as being grateful to be alive, to be here, with all the unknown that life presents. And Focusing, my own personal journey with it as well as a journey of accompanying others has been making that experience more palpable, relevant and inspiring.

As for my background, I am a Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT Yoga Alliance) and a Thai Yoga Massage practitioner. Originally trained as a Clinical Psychologist, and then gravitated towards Art therapy and Jungian and Psychosomatic approach. Focusing practice began bridging and enriching all those modalities. It began expanding and transforming the structure of my work with others, inviting bigger questions, deeper inquiries and existential threads. I began asking myself how can I be more in service to what I deep inside know to be true. How can I live and work from that inner knowing more deeply and authentically. That question is still is living itself here in my personal journey and work.

What I'm Doing Now

Individual Focusing sessions
Focusing Skills Certificate Course
Focusing & Yoga

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07528 122 281

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Halina Rozensztrauch - info@yogatree.org.uk