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When I first came across focusing I felt that I had struck gold. Focusing was a way for me to grow as a person, and be more whole, and for me more genuine or congruent, for me to be able to accept myself and others without conditions attached. For me focusing is not simply a tool but a way of life.

I have counselled who have faced such issues a depression, suicidal tendencies, childhood abuse, (emotional physical and sexual), addiction, anger management, bereavement, and other issues. I have seen people, begin to feel better about themselves, and make constructive changes to their lives. I am accredited by the BACP to offer Counselling and {psychotherapy, and am recognised by the Focusing Institute as a Focusing Teacher and therapist.

What I'm Doing Now

I offer Focusing-Oriented Counselling and Psychotherapy, Focusing-oriented supervision. I also run Introductory Focusing courses for everyone, as well as specialist Focusing-Oriented Therapy courses for therapists. I also offer Secondary Mentoring Services for people on the Focusing-Practitioner Program. I have an MA in Focusing and Experiential Psychotherapy and a specialist interest in the integration of Focusing into your existing Counselling-psychotherapy theory and practice.Look forward to hearing from you !

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020 8330 7341

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07941 747094

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Focusing Skills Certificate Level 2 with John Threadgold and Russ Kendall

focusing skills certificate Course

Focusing for everybody Level 2 This course follows on from the...

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Focusing for everybody Level 2 This course follows on from the Introduction to Focusing Level 1 course, and can also be suitable for anyone who has completed a Level 1 Course with Russel and Myself, or another BFA Focusing teacher.  This course costs  £125 including a 12 Hour Focusing / CPD certificate In this course we will explore

  1. Recap on Level 1
  2. . Experiential Exercises re grounding and anchoring.
  3. A Little more on the philosophy of focusing including a group experiential exercise
  4. The Four ways that we relate to what we experience, including the two focusing attitudes, and the implications of this for our lives and our families and friends.
  5. An exploration of our four relationships we have with our experiencing and the listening and focusing skills associated with them.
  6. Getting to know the 'gang inside' using art and focusing.
  7. Practice of Focusing skills both as a Focuser  Focusing companion, and observer. John or Russ will act as a resource for each group.
  8. Exploring further resources and training in Focusing
This is a deeply experiential course. We will offer direct teaching,Q&A, demonstrations from your tutors,group experiential exercises, and small group work. everyone will have a chance to observe, focusing and listening, and be able to practice focusing and listening skills. Who are your trainers? John Threadgold. B.A. Hons M.A. MBACP (Accred)   is a Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapist, and Supervisor, and is a recognised Focusing Teacher by the Focusing Institute and the British Focusing Association.He is also BACP Accredited for counselling and psychotherapy, a qualified supervisor, and a member of the BACP The Focusing Institute, British Focusing Association, the Trauma and Abuse group ( TAG) the ACC. He runs a private counselling practice called New Focus Therapy. See .   Russell Kendall B.SC ( Hons ) MSc Psych. MBACP (Accred.) is an experienced therapist and mindfulness teacher with 20 years’ experience of mindfulness practice. He integrates Mindfulness into his therapeutic practice and runs mindfulness groups. He is also a Psychology lecturer and holds an MSc in Organisational Psychology.  To Book.  Please contact John Threadgold at New Focusing Therapy. Tel 020 8330 7341 Or Russ Kendall  Tel 07794 713573  

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Sat 22 Jun - 23 Jun 2019

Event Venue: The Meeting Place, North Street, Westbourne, W Sussex, PO10 8SP, south west

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