How to learn Focusing?

extlink-grey3I’m ready to get going

extlink-grey3I’ve learnt the basics and I want to take it further

I’m ready to get going

  • Have an introductory individual session
    • We recommend having an individual session so that you can really feel for yourself how Focusing can work for you. It can really jump start your learning having a session before joining a course.
    • Search for a Practitioner or teacher near you. If there is no practitioner near you, many practitioners offer phone and skype sessions.
  • Join a course
    • Here are introductory level Focusing courses
    • In a small group setting, you will:
      • practice the Focusing process
      • learn how to be a Focusing partner.
      • be able to ask questions about Focusing and partnership.
      • find a Focusing practice partner.
      • get support for how you want to use Focusing in your life.
    • Most courses are held on weekends but some are for a couple of hours in the evening or during the day.
    • Courses can be in person, on the phone or even face-to-face on Skype.
    • Each Focusing teacher has their own unique approach to helping people learn. We support this diversity wholeheartedly and encourage people to learn with more than one teacher.
  • Learn one-to-one
    • Some new Focusers like to be in a group. Others prefer to learn one-to-one.
    • All our members have been trained to help you learn Focusing in one-to-one sessions.
    • The upside: when you learn one-to-one there is more privacy and closer individual attention.
    • The downside: you don’t get to work with a variety of Focusing partners, nor do you share in the conversations that come from other people’s questions.
    • Many people get the best of both worlds. They join a group and have some one-to-one sessions.
    • After a while you will want to find a Focusing partner. Having a partner helps Focusing to become part of your life. You can form a partnership with a friend. If you join a group, you may find a partner there. Or you can go to our partnership finding page which may help you to find somebody.

I’ve learnt the basics and want to take it further

There are many ways that you can deepen your Focusing practice.


    • Repeat the introductory level course
      • It is surprising how much more you will learn the second (or even third) time around.
    • Explore how you can bring Focusing into your life and work

Our members offer special topic workshops and/or individual tuition in the following areas. Each teacher offers their own unique exploration of that area. Many of these workshops have specific prerequisites.To find out more about a particular topic, go to a teacher’s page.