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I describe Focusing as the “final piece of the jigsaw”.  I have found it to be the most powerful yet gentle approach to personal growth and emotional healing I have encountered in 30 years working in the Therapy, Training, Management and Personal Development field.

Training as a Person Centred Therapist, I witnessed the power of listening, being heard and received just as we are. Since learning Focusing I have realized I was hearing the messages my body was sending me, but I wasn’t fully listening to them. Focusing has given me the gift of learning to listen to the inner knowing and wisdom of my body, to really listen to myself.

Focusing has enabled me to be with parts of myself that simply wished to be heard without the expectation of any change being wanted or needed. Here I found the essence of Focusing – if I stop trying to make something change and simply meet it where it is, then it will change if it needs to. Often it is content just to be heard and acknowledged.

I am passionate about Focusing - the new possibilities and ways of being it brings for each of us. I appreciate the opportunity to share this with other people.

I offer one to one Focusing sessions by Skype, Phone and Face to Face in Kenilworth, Warwickshire.

I am completing the BFA Trainer programme, offering the 5 BFA Focusing Skills Certificate workshops in Kenilworth, Warwickshire.

I offer talks to Groups and Therapists about Focusing.

I coordinate the West Midlands Focusing Circle. We aim to meet for a morning of Focusing every 2 – 3  months at my house in Kenilworth.

If you live or work in the midlands and would like to run a workshop or have a face to face session but can’t get to Kenilworth, please contact me

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0787 358 9132

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Liz Orrell -


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Next Steps in Focusing – Level 2 – The Power of Presence

focusing skills certificate Course

This is the second workshop in the 5 Level BFA...

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This is the second workshop in the 5 Level BFA Focusing Skills Certificate. It is open to anyone who has completed a BFA Focusing Skills Level 1 workshop.  

What You will Explore and Learn

We will explore the concept of Presence and how coming into Presence with all that we encounter whilst Focusing will help us deepen our relationship with our places of inner knowing. This second workshop in the BFA Focusing Skills Certificate programme brings the opportunity to deepen and develop your skills and increase your confidence both as a Focuser and a Listener. For the Focuser we will explore how to get a fuller sense of what you are noticing and how to build trust and an inner relationship your bodily knowing For the Listener we will consider how to support the Focuser to be in Presence with what comes We will further explore the Felt Sense, how to sense for the right kind of presence, how presence language can help and how the Felt Sense may symbolise what wants to be known.


The workshop is run in a Therapy Centre in Kenilworth Warwickshire, CV8.  The Centre is located in an old house which provides a calm and peaceful setting for Focusing. The Centre is accessible by public transport.

Group Size

The Group will be limited to a maximize of 6 participants

Further Information

This is a 2 day Face to Face workshop which runs between 9.45 and 4.45 each day. The cost for the 2 day workshop is £125.00. It is workshop 2 of the 5 level British Focusing Association Focusing Skills Certificate.  It is open to anyone who has completed a Level 1 event. I will be running Levels 3 - 5 of the programme between January and June 2019.  The dates for these events will be confirmed after my Level 1 workshop which will run in September 2018.

To Book and Further Details

Please visit my website for full details of the workshop. To Book you can contact me via my website or by using the information below.

Contact Me

To Book a place on this Level 2 workshop or if you would like to talk about Focusing or wonder whether this workshop is right for you, please contact me 0787 358 9132 or e mail me at

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Sat 24 Nov - 25 Nov 2018

Kenilworth Warwickshire CV8, west midlands

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