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I am a BFA-recognised Focusing Practitioner. In Focusing sessions you can expect to develop trust in yourself and your body and its sense of situations.
Uncovering layers of yourself will feel like a relief. You’ll learn to listen kindly while parts of yourself claim your attention and want a fair hearing after all this time being pushed down. Finally they will feel heard! Over time you will gain compassion for yourself and develop a deep practice that can help you navigate life.

How do we begin to come to terms with ourselves? How do we do ourselves justice? Focusing isn’t only a practice that can help us cope with the feelings inside – whatever they may be. It can help us direct our lives - and everything we do - from within. We all have a gut sense of the situations we’re living in but it's rare that we tune into that gut sense enough to move from that place.

Here are a few endorsements from one to one sessions and workshops:
a) In reference to our session, I would like to focus on listening to my body and trusting what the answers are, the last sessions I had with you were very powerful and I feel as though I need to trust my focusing process to find more inner space. Daniel Cunningham, Performance Artist. Visiting Lecturer.
b) I found the focusing very powerful and it brought up a lot of stuff for me that I’ve taken into my therapy. Counselling training – Nikki, one-to-one sessions
c) Thank you so much for the sessions we had today and yesterday. I found them very useful, rich and enlightening. As well as tender and sweet. Ania Hardy, Singer/Songwriter, one-to-one sessions
d) “It was very nice to have a space and time to be creative and listen inside myself – and to be guided through it. Also, to share and hear from others. Thank you. ” Anon, from a workshop
e) “Lovely gentle session. I enjoyed bother exercises and the opportunity to settle/meditate before drawing.” Anon, from a workshop session.
“Very gentle way of working. Love the workshop. Please include me for further Focusing if workshops. Rose, workshop participant
f) “Really lovely calm space. I enjoyed having the leaves, apples and salt candle on the table. I felt it was quite calming and inspiring during the drawing session. I feel a lot calmer now than when I arrived. I think the Focusing part was more important to me than the outcome of the drawings. Thank you.  ” Anon, workshop participant.
g) "Focusing is a wonderful practice that has enabled me to get in touch with and accept a lot of difficult emotions I'd been holding in,
and Alex is very skillful and patient in accompanying and gently guiding me on the journey." Kevin, one-to-one sessions

Focusing is a practice that you can learn and take away with you because we will always find ourselves in new situations that need attention. In those times we need a practice of our own. Focusing is a skill that can be taught so that you can go to it when needed. As well as Focusing on life issues, I have worked with people on Focusing with dreams and developed a practice of using Focusing to make artwork. I have also been involved in community support work and campaigning on issues including rape, domestic violence, prison and immigration detention.

Whatever it is you want to get out of a Focusing session, I will aim to be an honest and caring companion and listener and I will do my best to convey this beautiful and profound practice.

Focusing is a skill that can be taught so you can begin to practice some simple aspects immediately in your own life. Once you know Focusing you’ll always be able to do it – alone, with friends, with a Practitioner or most often with a combination of ways of working. I’ll look forward to finding out what you want to get from the sessions.

What services do I offer?

I offer individual sessions and workshops. To book email

The cost of a one-to-one session is £40 in person and £30 over Skype.

I currently have funding from the Women's Health Project London to offer either a workshop or a series of 5 one to one sessions for women. Please apply if you are interested and let me know why you'd like to learn Focusing and how you will bring it to your communities and life.

Anyone on housing or other benefits can pay between £5-£10 for a Skype session. If you are a woman who has experienced prison or detention there are sometimes places free of charge. LGBTQI welcome.

If you would like to help make these sessions available to people who couldn't otherwise afford it pay a supporter of a suggested £50.

I offer workshops - please either see my events listings or get in touch to be added to my email list. For group bookings please contact me.

Please text or email me to arrange to speak on the phone as my mobile is regularly in flight mode. Thanks.

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