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extlink-grey3How is Focusing like.

extlink-grey3Guided Focusing sessions

extlink-grey3Focusing Oriented Psychotherapy.

How Focusing is like…

  • Therapy
    • Like therapy, you will receive compassionate, attentive support.
    • Unlike therapy, Focusing often works better when your guide doesn’t know what it’s about.
    • Unlike therapy, you don’t have to commit to a number of sessions. You can choose how many sessions you want to have, including just one. You can stop and start whenever you want. You decide.
    • Unlike therapy, you can work with more than one Focusing guide at the same time.


  • Coaching
      • Like coaching, you can concentrate on a particular life area.
      • Unlike coaching, you will not be helped to set goals or be reminded of those goals. (You can do that in your session, but that would be up to you.)
      • Unlike coaching, there is no homework or tasks between sessions (unless you ask for it).


  • Meditation or Mindfulness
    • Like meditation or mindfulness, most Focusing sessions are done with eyes closed and attention turned inwards
    • Unlike meditation or mindfulness, in Focusing, you deliberately hold what you become aware of in your awareness and interact with it in specific ways so that it’s meaning can reveal itself.


  • Hypnosis
    • Like hypnosis, you may feel relaxed and calm.
    • Unlike Hypnosis, you are not trying to change your feelings or thoughts or behaviour by receiving suggestions. The changes in Focusing emerge spontaneously.

How do I find a Practitioner?

Most practitioners offer one hour sessions though a few offer longer sessions. Many offer sessions by phone or skype.