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I discovered Focusing in the early nineties whilst doing a counselling training. Although initially inspired by what I discovered I put it to one side while I investigated other approaches and methods from the worlds of psychotherapy and spirituality.

As the years passed I found myself working with individuals in focusing way.  It just seemed to naturally arise from my experience.  It took a friend to point out that what I was doing was a form of focusing.  So, a few years back, I decided to look at focusing again.  Since then my understanding has developed and I have integrated what I have discovered into my own living and work with others.

Key to my own approach is the discovery of meaning in everyday life, the recognition each living moment has the potential to “carry forward” in a felt way that gives rise to an inner sense of fulfilment and meaning.

I am interested in how change occurs. How is it our lives can and do change? Here gendlin offers unique guidance through his philosophy of the implicit.

Furthermore, I  am deeply interested in the nature of experience, including the seeming chasm between how we speak of experience and how it actually is for us.  

In some of the workshops and courses Whole Body Living programme)  I weave whole body sensing,  mindfulness, focusing, non-dual philosophy, and methods of self realisation to form a coherent pattern of individual transformation with a clear aim to for each student to discover a deeper sense of autonomy and meaning, learning to recognise their unique creative potential as it unfolds into their lives.

I am based in Granada, Spain and visit the UK (London and Devon) to offer seminars and workshops. I also offer all my trainings via phone or Skype.

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Focusing Skills Certificate
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One to one or small groups: Focusing and Whole Body Living Programme.

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