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“Ruth has a remarkable mix of skills. I found her depth of insight and understanding both powerful, and unique in my experience. I'm not sure how, but our work together brought profound shifts in my life. I remain grateful for our work together, and for everything I learnt and achieved." Rose K, Oxford.

I have a long-term passion for Focusing, and I deeply love the work I do. Practicing intensively for over a decade now, with partners and alone, I’ve relied on Focusing for my own healing and growth, and have gradually been led to share the practice with others.

For me, Focusing has intertwined with different practices and processes, most vitally with shamanic work. I’m an initiated Curandera, in the Amazonian tradition, and my teacher has confirmed many of the similarities between the ways of sensing and “knowing” in Focusing, and in shamanic processes.

How people heal and change, and how they grow their dreams and passions, are particular areas of fascination for me. In the work I do, ritual process and prayer often grow out of the felt sense of what is needed in a situation, and can bring deep transformation.

I strongly believe that Focusing, and the  other work I offer, is particularly suited to our current age; as it is learnt and integrated as a practice, Focusing offers increasing confidence in our ability to know for ourselves and to find our own pathways to healing and realisation. As our world moves into greater complexity (turmoil?), it seems to me this particular kind of independence will become more and more necessary for our shared survival and well-being.

I’m a BFA recognised Focusing Professional, and I work as a Shamanic Healer as well. I'm qualified as an Advanced Shamanic Practitioner, as well as being directly initiated. I’ve spent many years working in charity management, and am also a trained coach, and a qualified fundraiser with the Institute of Fundraising.
I’m currently training with Sarah Peyton and Gloria Lybecker on their Depth Empathy intensive, Empathy and Beyond, which is bringing greater insight and resonance to my work.

Particular areas of interest:

Shamanism, dream work, PTSD and trauma, bodywork, peak/initiatory/mystical experiences, Focusing alone, manifesting, prayer/meditation, and generally stoking the fires of self-realisation and appetite for living the bigger, deeper, wilder life that is calling us forward to our amazing selves.

I have a degree in philosophy (P.P.E.) from the University of Oxford, and have wended my way through The Process Model, more than once, ably guided by Rob Parker. I’ve also studied with Ann Weiser-Cornell and Barbara McGavin, finding their work invaluable and inspirational.  I’ve studied Treasure Maps to the Soul, Releasing Blocks to Action, Dream work and other topics with them. I undertook my professional training with Kay Hoffman, and have explored Wholebody Focusing with her as well.

I am fully insured and offer a 100% refund guarantee if you are less than satisfied with my work.

What I'm Doing Now

I offer 1-1 sessions in person and via Zoom or phone. I also offer a range of shamanic, healing and coaching work. I can also offer a package of email empathy support and focusing invitations. You’re very welcome to get in touch if you’d like to explore how we might work together.
I am starting to write articles about different aspects of my work. I was recently published in Thresholds, a journal of BACP. I welcome you to sign up for my mailing list if you’d like to be kept up to date with my work and workshops.
I have, for my own use, created a hybrid of shamanic practice, Wholebody Focusing and qi gong, which mostly involves standing in the garden being discreetly stared at by the neighbours. It brings almost instant joy and reenergises me for my work. I’d love to share it but the process of how that might be accomplished remains to be found.

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