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The home of Focusing and listening in the UK

Focusing is a process of listening to the wisdom of your body

The British Focusing Association (BFA) is a community of Focusing practitioners, teachers and Focusing-oriented therapists. We are here to support your learning and deepening of Focusing and listening in all its forms. Here you can find practitioners, search for events, read articles and blog posts and more.

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Focusing has deepened my therapy practice, helping clients (and me) to understand and integrate unconscious parts.

Focusing enables me to live my life and to counsel clients with a deeper level of self-awareness.

Focusing has transformed my life

What I love about Focusing is that it offers a practical way to develop self compassion, to meet all aspects of ourselves, the good, and especially the bad and the ugly!

Focusing has been for me a gentle process that can access to a bodily-felt sense from which meaning arises with intricate detail and empathy.

Learning focusing helped me feel more human – I had feelings too, the unwanted ones shifted when I paid attention to them, and I could empathise with other people’s feelings. Relief!

Focusing has opened the door to my inner world, giving me greater confidence in myself, and a belief in the innate wisdom we all share, when we learn how to find it

Focusing has helped me feel more alive

Focusing, for me, is a doorway to an open, kindly, wise and profound connection to Life.

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Courses & events

  • 19th July 2020 Frome, Frome

    Deep listening: Day course, Frome 


    This day will introduce you to the life long skill of Deep Listening. It is a reflective body based practice that can be done on your own or with others,…

  • 23rd July 2020 Online – via zoom

    Introduction to Focusing 


    Learn the Focusing-listening practice in bite size chunks, with experiential elements each week. Learn to listen to your body and trust the wisdom it can share with you. This is equivalent to the first day…

  • 25th July 2020 London, London

    Creativity & Criticism 

    Focusing Skills Certificate

    This is Workshop 4 in my Focusing Skills series, where we work on building further Focusing and listening and guiding skills, and explore both the creative aspects of Focusing and…

  • 25th July 2020 Online – via zoom

    Focusing with our Inner Critic 


    Saturday 25th July 2.30-4.30 – £25 Our critical voices can have a huge impact on us, making us feel bad and preventing us from doing what we want to do. Explore the presence of inner…

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