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All of our members offer one to one Focusing sessions. Please contact them directly ( See contact details in our directory ). You can find a variety of courses and events here on this page for learning or deepening Focusing.

If you are new to Focusing then it’s best to start with a course aimed at beginners. These can be stand-alone introductory courses or, for a complete foundation course in Focusing, take a BFA Focusing skills course. This is a thorough training in the art of Focusing and active listening.

If you already know the basics of Focusing then you may want to delve into areas of Focusing practice such as Focusing and Dreams, Thinking at the Edge, Children Focusing, Focusing for writing.

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Read more about the BFA Focusing skill course …

These courses comprise 60 hours of training and will equip you to focus and listen in Focusing partnerships, which are peer focusing/listening exchanges. They also offer practices and insights for using Focusing and listening in your everyday life. These BFA certificate courses are divided into five sections, which are referred to (varying teacher to teacher) as levels, modules, blocks, workshops and parts. Courses are offered online, in-person and as a combination of the two. Look for a format that suits your availability. A whole course takes around 6 to 12 months to complete and each teacher offers their own unique but complete coverage of the skills required for you to feel confident in Focusing and listening in peer exchanges.

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  • 10th September 2022 Zoom, South East

    Introduction to Focusing 


    Two day course: Focusing is a process that can enrich all areas of our lives, as it is about the very way that we pay attention to what we experience. Often we have habitual ways…

  • 14th September 2022 Polperro, Cornwall

    Wild Belonging 


    A four day focusing retreat in nature We belong to the natural world just as much as a the crow or deer, yet somehow we have forgotten this. We have found ourselves disconnected from our…

  • 14th September 2022 An Tionól Cottage

    Focusing Professional Training 

    Professional Training

    Focusing Professional Training with Marta Fabregat Focusing Professional & Teacher (CIT) Commencing September 2022 The International Focusing Institute ” If there is something hauntingly beautiful or impressive in your dream, just honour it, respect it,…

  • 20th September 2022

    Online Practitioner Training 

    Professional Training

    You are most welcome to contact me to discuss the training Paula Newman Tel: 07941 958034   Deepening your Focusing and developing a professional practice The training programme encourages you to be self-directive in your…

  • 20th September 2022 Online, Skype Worldwide

    Untangling the knots: Deep dive Focusing course 


    Do you sense that your life is not yet expressing your deepest values and inspirations? Do you want to make changes in yourself and the world but keep getting stuck? Do you avoid or find…

  • 21st September 2022 Online

    Module 1: Beginning the journey – an introduction to Focusing 

    Focusing Skills Certificate

    5 week online course introducing the essentials of Focusing and Listening Develop the key qualities of curiosity, interest and inner kindness Be safe and respectful with yourself and others in Focusing The steps of the…

  • 22nd September 2022 Hamilton House, Bristol, Bristol

    The magic of the body’s wisdom: Free talk 

    Find answers, possibility and healing through listening to the body Beneath our reactive thoughts and conflicted feelings is a place of deep knowing and wisdom. You may have glimpsed this in intuitive moments or dreams,…

  • 1st October 2022 Zoom

    Focusing and writing 


    Almost all of us are involved with writing in one way or another, whether we think of ourselves as creative writers or not. For some, writing is easy and pleasurable, at least some of the…

  • 8th October 2022 Bristol Natural Health Service , Gloucester Road, Bristol, UK

    Your body knows the way: Beginning the Focusing journey 

    Focusing Skills Certificate

    This course will introduce you to the life long skill of Focusing and Listening. Held at BNHS , in Gloucester Rd, Bristol. Some of the skills you will learn: Develop the key qualities of curiosity,…

  • 22nd October 2022 Stroud, London

    Listening to your inner wisdom – an introduction to Focusing 


    Learn new ways to find inner kindness, work with stuck patterns, make clear & intuitive decisions and finally feel at home in your own body This workshop will introduce a practice known as ‘Focusing’. It…