What is Focusing?

Eugene T. Gendlin was the founder of Focusing, an American philosopher and psychologist who developed the mind-body connection practice called “Focusing,” and the philosophy behind it, which he called the “Philosophy of the Implicit.”

Focusing is an experiential, body-oriented inner enquiry for generating insights and emotional healing. Focusing is gentle and profound. It is a natural way of paying attention to oneself and others that is based in concrete inner experience.

By focusing inwardly and listening to your body, you can understand how you truly feel about your circumstances, a specific situation or a relationship. Embracing the flow of feelings in a non-judgmental way offers a fresh and new transformational process. And that results in forward flow of well-being, balance and self-awareness.
Focusing allows access to deeper levels of awareness, wisdom, and self-guidance that reside inside each of us. Through an easily learned, step-by step process, Focusing teaches how to turn our attention inside our bodies where we carry all our personal experiences, memories, sensations, emotions and feelings, even parts that we never thought there were there.
It offers a creative and quietly profound way of being even with what we find most difficult and challenging. In focusing we are often pleasantly surprised by fresh or new spaces emerging, even from ‘impossibly stuck’ places.
It is a moment by moment way of ‘coming home’ to yourself. It is an exquisitely sensitive way of listening to or sensing what our (inner) world is telling us, often in the form of subtle feelings/sensations, in a way that is safe and gentle.

The course of 5 Modules
1 Module = 1 session of 2 hours per week for 6 weeks – Tuesday 5.30 to 7.30 pm

This Focusing 5 Module Course offers a means to;

• Develop a grounded and balanced sense of yourself
• Compassionately respond to your inner judge
• Enable a gentle and deep inner healing process
• Develop empathic and sensitive listening
• Enjoy an enriched sense of sharing and communing with others
• Learn to sense and befriend your body in a new & empowered way
• Live life from the unfolding fresh moment

Modules & Schedule:
Titles and dates for the 5 Modules

The 5 Modules;

Module 1: First steps in your Focusing Journey: An introduction (23th March – 27th April )

Module 2: Focusing and journeying deeper to travel lighter (11th May – 15th June)

Module 3: Focusing and the joy of the senses (7th Sept – 12th October)

Module 4: Focusing and Going solo; journeying in confidence (26th Oct – 30th December )

Module 5: Deeper and Further; seasoning your Focusing and Listening practice (4th Jan – 8th Feb 2022)



Marta Fabregat

When I first learnt Focusing I felt I had arrived home. Having been a mindfulness practitioner and a spiritual/healing seeker for years Focusing offered the key to unlock something greater than I did not find before with any method or technique, even meditation practice. Focusing for me is like a tree with branches pointing at the universe. A way of coming home so delicately and gently, a door opening up to the possibility of Love emerging through us.

I was introduced to Focusing about 10 years ago on an NVC training and continued working alongside Simon McKibbin aka K2 in a number of foundation trainings for about 5 years at our Centre and home in South Co Galway, Ireland. We offered foundation year long experiential trainings and community living in group retreats sharing Focusing, NVC, and Mindfulness dancing between the three as supportive and interdependent models.

MA Social and Cultural Mediator & Community Development
Certified Nonviolent Communication Facilitator
Certified Focusing Practitioner & Teacher with BFA and TIFI

On completion of this BFA Certified Foundation Course
This course is BFA (British Focusing Association) or TIFI ( The Internation Focusing Institute ) accredited and the first step to becoming an accredited Practitioner of Focusing. You will have the option to enter the practitioner level training or to invest further in your own Focusing process.


There is no fixed price for the course. There is a Contribution box / through bank transfer. When making an economic contribution is meant to be an expression of generosity and innate human gratitude, a way of valuing the teachings and a means of maintaining the well-being of those who have committed their lives on this path.
Your generosity is a gift that supports not just the teacher, but also the larger community, and your own practice.

Suggested price per module (€125 – €250) If you can offer more, you facilitate the possibility of participation of other people who need support at this time.

You can contact me here: marta(at)green-spiral.com

Phone: 00353872031764