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What do I want?

30th October 2021 - 31st October 2021 Zoom

Specialist Online

For most of us there are things that we want in our lives – for ourselves, for those close to us and for the world. And there are things we don’t want, as well as things we want and don’t feel able or entitled to have. Sometimes there is something in us that tells us that wanting is wrong, or that believes that unless we have this particular thing (or person, or state of mind or body), we can’t be happy. This workshop, which draws on aspects of Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara McGavin’s Treasure Maps work and the understanding of desire in Rob Burbea’s Soulmaking Dharma, will help you to find out more about what your heart really desires.

The workshop will be held online on a Saturday and Sunday morning, from 10.00-1.00 each day. There will be time for Focusing partnerships and some whole-group discussion and teaching. To take part in it you will need to have some experience of Focusing, i.e. Workshop 1 of a Focusing Skills course or the equivalent. If you’re not sure whether you have enough experience, you are welcome to contact me.

The cost is £75 for the two mornings, £50 concessionary rate.


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