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Angela Hicks

Berkshire RG1 7SB

  • Inner relationship Focusing


I first started Focusing in 2002. I soon realised I'd found something special. Focusing was life changing for me and helped me to deal with many issue that had previously been blocking me. I trained as a Focusing practitioner and then a Focusing teacher as I want other to benefit as much as I have.

What services do I offer?

I do one-to-one Focusing sessions and teach Focusing skills courses

My background in Focusing

As well as teaching and practising Focusing, I am an acupuncturist and I co-founded and jointly run the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, in Reading, Berkshire, where I continue to teach and treat patients. I learned Focusing in 2002 and completed an MSc in Mindfulness at Coventry University in 2018. As well as companioning and teaching acupuncture, I use Focusing when appropriate alongside my acupuncture treatments.


Focusing practitioner and teacher
Licentiate in Acupuncture
Member of the Focusing Institute
MSc Mindfulness

How do I practice?

  • Online

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