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Robert Copperwhite


  • Grief
  • Trauma
  • Spirituality
  • Creativity
  • Dreams
  • Inner relationship Focusing
  • Nature connection


Focusing has given me a way to engage with all layers of my experience (thoughts, emotions, feelings, and other hard to define states) in a way that allows them to unfold without agenda. I love it for the richness it has brought and the difficulties is has helped me to untangle.

What services do I offer?

Currently I offer:
- one-to-one Focusing sessions (primarily online at the moment)
- introductory Focusing Skills courses
- introductory sessions exploring the TAE process

My background in Focusing

I found Focusing around 2014 by complete chance, as I searched for something to help me with a general feeling of stuckness in my life. There was something quite familiar about Focusing; the practice of dropping into my body without agenda reminded me of something I used to do in my late teens (I thought I was just trying to deal with anxiety but I think I was actually Focusing!).

I completed a PhD in Physics in 2008; sometimes people find my background an odd mix, Physics and Focusing?! For sure they are different approaches to the world we live in. While Physics grapples with understanding the material world we live in, Focusing is a bit like a ‘physics of the inner world’. It enables me to have understanding, compassion and empathy for myself/others, and the forces that act and mingle within me/others.

After completing the Practitioner Training program I have felt drawn to share Focusing with a wider group of people and so have started the Focusing Teacher Training program (on-going under the mentorship of Peter Gill).


Focusing Practitioner (BFA)
PhD in Physics

How do I practice?

  • In person
  • Phone
  • Online


"My immediate experience was one of safety which to me is paramount. I felt at ease and able to open up and be myself. I had a sense of trust in Robert as a practitioner and in the focusing process”.

I was enabled me to explore some very vulnerable feelings related to shame with some tenderness for which I am very thankful!

“I was most struck at just how helpful it is to have someone just sit and listen to you, and it quickly became evident that you were just there to listen and really be present for me”.

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