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Elaine Goggin


  • Spirituality
  • Dreams
  • Inner relationship Focusing
  • Children Focusing


I believe that everyone needs a safe space to say whatever needs to be heard no matter what it is, so that, that part of you can work through finding its own way to be. Focusing provides the space for you to discover who you truly are, and experience life in all its glory.

What services do I offer?

I offer 1:1 sessions both in person and Online (Zoom/Skype) or by phone (WhatsApp).
I also offer group Focusing sessions in secondary level schools

My background in Focusing

My first experience of Focusing was incredibly freeing. I experienced remarkable relief when I approached my so called 'negative thoughts/emotions' with compassionate and acceptance, allowing them to be there without feeling they were wrong or worse feeling bad about myself because I had these feelings. Still now, it amazes me, how these emotions transform because they are their own living presence and just by 'being with' and allowing them to be exactly how they are, provides the compassionate space for discovery and the possibility of unraveling and letting go.

I have experienced limitations and restrictions in my life, since I was young I have had to deal with physical restrictions, which have often left me with feelings of frustration and disappointment so when I discovered Focusing I found a new way of being and a new sense of freedom that you can only feel when you experience the focusing space. No words can truly describe this sensation, it really is a felt experience. After my first experience of Focusing, I had some individual sessions and I knew that was it for me, there was no going back, Focusing was always going to be part of my life as one of the most important resources for truly living and experiencing life in the best possible way.

Focusing has taught me to go with the flow and so far I have flowed along the Focusing path. I completed the BFA Skills Course twice with Simon McKibbin, once online and once in residence over the course of 4 weekends in Galway. I then found myself (unexpectedly) on a plane to Birmingham and started the Focusing Practitioner course with Kay Hoffman in October 2018. I took my time to receive and integrate all the valuable lessons learnt along my journey. I qualified and received my BFA Practitioner Certificate in October 2020.

During 2020 I have also completed a Focusing with Children - Be In Contact course with Rene Veugeulers and Harriet Teeuw online, and I continued my interest in Children's Focusing and in June 2022 I completed my Focusing Trainer certificate.

I thoroughly enjoy being part of the Irish Focusing Network (IFN) and I look forward helping promote and establish Focusing as an integral part of the wider community here in Ireland. I also really enjoy supporting The International Focusing Institute in whatever I can by helping with the organising of the Roundtables and doing Zoom support for the many course they offer online through Zoom.


2017 - Focusing Skills online with Simon McKibbon BFA
2018 - Focusing Skills - 12 day Residential in Galway with Simon McKibbon BFA
2018/20 - Focusing Practitioner in UK with Kay Hoffman BFA
2018 - Focusing with Dreams online with Peter Gill BFA
2020 - Focusing with Children - Be In Contact with René Veugeulers and Harriët Teeuw (online)
2020 - Focusing Listening (A Level 2 course) with Tom Larkin (online)
2021/22 - TIFI Focusing Trainer Certificate with René Veugelers and Harriët Teeuw (online)

Non Violent Communication - 15 day Foundation Level Workshop Residential in Galway with Simon McKibbon BFA
Reiki Level 3 Master - Starseed Holistic
B.Sc. Computing with Internet Development

How do I practice?

  • In person
  • Phone
  • Online

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