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Fiona Owen

Anglesey, Ynys Môn, UK


When we focus, we learn how to listen deeply to what is going on within us. The body is akin to a ‘field of experience’ infused with implicit meaning and, in focusing, we learn how to connect with the innate intelligence within us, gradually building bridges to form relationships with what is there.

My background in Focusing

I began learning focusing formally in 2012 with Kay Hoffmann, gaining my skills certificate. I enjoyed the process so much that I decided to carry on with Kay and do the practitioner training, qualifying in 2015. Rob Foxcroft was my secondary mentor. Focusing is now an integral part of my life and I focus regularly with partners. I can see focusing parallels with the creative process – without realizing it, I was doing something akin to focusing ‘on the page’ over many years of writing creatively prior to learning how to focus. I am interested in how a bubble of complex meaning can rise up from some ‘background’ or ‘depth within’, in search of a word, phrase, image, metaphor – some kind of ‘handle’. It’s as if that complexity within us seeks understanding and reaches out to be ‘met’. How often, though, do our inner 'parts' find reception?

Focusing is a natural, life-enhancing practice. We learn how to become more empathic as listeners, for ourselves and others and, goodness, the world needs more of that! I am interested in how to be in the world in a more receptive, switched-on way. After all, relationship is at the heart of life. Also, focusing can aid the innate unfolding process of ‘maturation’, as we learn to touch into all that we are as embodied beings within life/time, and this includes the parts within and the parts without; the parts that flow and the parts that are stuck; the exiled and the integrated. In practical terms, focusing can help us to feel more alive and engaged, more accepting of ourselves and others, more open to new possibilities as they present themselves. When a situation that has been stuck starts to shift, we can feel it in our bodies, as relief and released energy. When we speak and act as an integrated whole human being, we feel it as truth.


BFA recognised Focusing Practitioner
BA Hons (Literature, philosophy, music)
MA in Writing
Certificate of Education

How do I practice?

  • Phone
  • Online

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