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Liz Orrell


  • Inner relationship Focusing


I describe Focusing as the “final piece of the jigsaw”. I have found it to be the most powerful yet gentle approach to personal growth and emotional healing I have encountered in 30 years working in the Therapy, Training, Management and Personal Development field.

What services do I offer?

One to One Focusing Sessions, in person, on line or by phone.

Focusing Workshops - BFA Focusing Skills Certificate - Workshops One to Five

Focusing Workshops designed for individual organisations

Talks on Focusing for groups

My background in Focusing

I have worked in the Therapy and personal development field for over 30 years. I started leaning about Focusing in 2013 and was immediately struck by the added depth that comes with Focusing .

Fully opening up to inner knowing held in our body leads to a greater depth of contact with ourselves and allows us to go beyond what we discover by talking about an issue.

Having completed the BFA Focusing Skills Certificate and experienced the value of living and working in a Focusing way, I went on to train as a Focusing Practitioner and a Focusing Teacher.

I now work one to one with people wishing to discover focusing and develop their focusing skills and offer the BFA Focusing skills certificate workshops.


BFA Focusing Skills Certificate 2015
BFA Focusing Practitioner 2017
BFA Focusing Teacher Training 2018

Diploma in Humanistic Counselling 1999
Advance Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Methods for Person Centred Counselors 2007

Diploma in Teaching Stress Management and Relaxation 1994
Certificate in Training Education 1995
Certificate in Management and Development 1995

How do I practice?

  • In person
  • Phone
  • Online


I've really enjoyed working through the 5 Levels of the BFA Focusing Skills Certificate with Liz. Before the course, I felt I was aware of my emotions and how they manifested in my body, but I would often feel like they were stuck. Liz patiently taught me the focusing approach, which has enabled me to understand how to approach my feelings and I've noticed a lot of change in my ability to be with difficulty since learning focusing. Liz is a wonderful teacher and shares her understanding of focusing from her own experience, as well as her theoretical knowledge of the approach. If you're feeling that talking your way through your difficulties isn't quite shifting things, then I would recommend you join one of Liz's courses to learn this gentle and powerful skill.​

I loved how each level built on the previous level’ ‘Liz was patient and explained theory with examples’ ‘there was plenty of time to ask questions and discuss personal experiences of focusing’ ‘I felt comfortable in the learning environment .

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