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Focusing is a safe, gentle process, which often leads to valuable changes in the way we live our lives, and in our feelings about life. The forward steps which come when we are Focusing are beautiful, clear and poignant.

I divide my time between teaching piano-playing, teaching Focusing, offering Focusing sessions and professional training, and offering Focusing-oriented spiritual accompaniment ("Meditative Listening"). I am beginning to develop a form of Focusing oriented self-coaching, though it is in its early stages

I learned Focusing in 1988 at The Focusing Institute, and in one-to-one sessions with Gene Gendlin. I have been teaching Focusing and Listening ever since. In 2001-5, I taught the philosophy of Gene Gendlin in five residential weeklongs on the Isle of Cumbrae.

I love to teach Focusing, either one-to-one or to small groups, combining the study of Focusing with a process of personal and professional development.

I am fascinated by the way in which Focusing and Listening helps us to find emotional wisdom, reflect on our values, improve our relationships, and enter into constructive action.

I’m interested in the mythical dimension in our lives, in stories and poetry, in music and theatre, in dreams and spiritual experiences.

I have trained many Teachers of Focusing and Experiential Listening.

BFA recognised Focusing teacher and BFA Mentor, Focusing Institute trainer and Certifying Coordinator

What services do I offer?

With individuals:
Training in Focusing and Experiential Listening
Focusing sessions, face to face or by phone
Focusing-oriented spiritual accompaniment ("Meditative Listening")

With small groups:
Training in Focusing and Experiential Listening
Training in Meditative Listening
Training Focusing Practitioners and Teachers

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