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Ruth Emsley

West Midlands


Focusing is a deeply powerful practice for finding inner peace, trust and love - certainly in my experience and the experience of many clients. Once I connected with this extraordinary practice, over 15 years ago now, I was hooked. It's ability to bring deep connection with our own wisdom, our intution and our bodily experience, brought me tremendous healing. Since then, I've trained extensively, with teachers in the UK and with Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara McGavin in particular.

In these challenging times, having a way to process our experience, in real time, helps bring much greater resilience and trust. I offer free 30 minute consultations, so if you'd like to chat and connect, you're really welcome to get in touch. The world needs Focusing!

Alongside Focusing, I've been incorporating Somatic Empathy into my practice, This is work pioneered by Sarah Peyton and Gloria Lybecker, and I'm now in my third, year-long, intensive practice group. This enhances the core elements of Focusing, often bringing rapid shifts to old, stuck issues.
Sarah Peyton says about this work, "from new understandings in brain research, we now have a map for healing, repairing, and integrating the parts of the brain that are required for emotional stability under stress and for successful interrelationships."

I also work as a Shamanic Healer. This has also involved decades of training and practice. I'm an initiated Curandera (healer or medicine worker) and I'm a Medicine Wheel Holder. I'm interested in enabling people to find the transformation they seek.

My initial degree was in Philosophy, Politics and Econonmics from Oxford, and this has left with me a lasting ability to listen to the deep underpinnigs in people's experience. I've studied Gene Gendlin's A Process Model, and bring a depth of understanding to this work. I also worked in Charity Management for many years, where I was trained as a coach.

I work online as well as in person.

What services do I offer?

I'm developing work with a friend and colleague, to enable people to connect more deeply and meaningfully to the natural world. This has involved a process of engagement with a number of ancient and sacred sites in the UK, including many nights sleeping out, in bivvy bags, at stone circles and neolithic long barrows.

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