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  • Bristol

    Catherine Flynn 

    I am a BACP registered counsellor who integrates the principles of Focusing into my counselling practice. I am passionate about supporting clients in 'turning inwards' towards their experiencing and also to listening to the parts of themselves.

  • St Werburghs, Bristol, UK

    Isla Macdonald 

    I have practiced Focusing for over 14 years and since qualified as a psychotherapeutic counsellor with Re-vision

  • London

    Mary Louise Morris 

    I am a Mindfulness teacher and Focusing practitioner who works with adults and children. I am based in London, and work both online and offline.

  • Bristol

    Gwen Williams 

    Focusing offers us a way to meet and be with ourselves in a way that is gentle and compassionate, where everything in our experience is welcomed and every part of us valued.

  • South Hams

    Heather (Hajah) Tetley 

    I have been a qualified Focusing Practitioner for 5 years & a practicing Companion for 20+. I am also a Transpersonsl counsellor & teach mediation & active mindfulness.

  • United Kingdom

    Luke Farren 

    Hi I'm Luke, I see Focusing as crucial in showing us how to relate with all experience and key in the individuation process of becoming oneself. I love the contact in Focusing and how real it is, it's a pleasure and a privilege to share Focusing with others which I do online and in retreat settings.

  • Stroud

    Helen Bower 

    As a trainer I mainly teach care and supporting worker’s own development in areas such as resilience, self-awareness, managing stress, self-regulation and capacity for personal change. Focusing is the main tacit unpinning for this. I Focus regularly and it is my main personal practice.

  • Bristol BS1, UK

    Harriet Brown 

    I love sharing focusing and helping you make sense of the strands of your life and finding a way forward that feels right at a deeper level. I value the peace that can come from living life in the inner-directed way.

  • Leipzig

    Amona Buechler 

    Amona has been offering courses, workshops, and sessions online and offline since 1998. She is a Certified Focusing Trainer as well as a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and Assistant Trainer. She is of German origin, lived in Chicago from 1998-2015, and has been traveling the world since then.

  • Tywyn

    Bernie Heaney 

    Having practised meditation for years and being a mindfulness teacher, I luckily found focusing. To me focusing is a gateway to self-acceptance and self-compassion. It is in the spirit of 'everything is welcome' that I now share focusing and mindfulness with others.

  • Chalfont Saint Peter

    Sabine Lees 

    I am a BACP registered Counsellor and work for the past 9 years in private practice in Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire.

  • Stroud

    Caroline Redmond 

    Focusing is life-changing. As a counsellor, I rarely include focusing by teaching, or even mentioning its name. I know its power however, and hold it close as a possibility for each session. People know focusing - it is a natural way - it only needs space and safety and it unfolds as it will

  • Limerick

    Elaine Goggin 

    I believe that everyone needs a safe space to say whatever needs to be heard no matter what it is, so that, that part of you can work through finding its own way to be. Focusing provides the space for you to discover who you truly are, and experience life in all its glory.

  • Rob Foxcroft 

    Meeting focusing was a homecoming: 'These are my people. I knew this all my life. Now I have friends in this inner world.' Focusing and listening have carried my life forward for many years. It has been a joy and a privilege to share focusing with others, and to listen to their inward explorations.

  • Norfolk, UK

    Sara Bradly 

    I am a BACP-registered Child and Adult Counsellor offering Focusing-oriented counselling. I also provide workshops and professional training in Focusing which carries certification from the International Focusing Institute.

  • Bradford

    Celia Dawson 

    I am a Certifying Co-ordinator with the International Focusing Institute. I train therapists in working with complex trauma and we incorporate Focusing in our work together with many other modalities. I am a Director of the Complex Trauma Institute.

  • Galway

    Marie Connors 

    Focusing has radically changed the ways I relate to myself, to my experience and to the way I relate to others. I am softer, I am gentler, I am kinder, I am more at ease, I am less afraid to just be with whatever is there and wanting attention. Focusing is so simple, so natural and yet so profound.

  • Berkshire

    Angela Hicks 

    I first started Focusing in 2002. I soon realised I'd found something special. Focusing was life changing for me and helped me to deal with many issue that had previously been blocking me. I trained as a Focusing practitioner and then a Focusing teacher as I want other to benefit as much as I have.

  • Edinburgh

    Marion Stumpe 

    Focusing has beautifully enriched my life. I see every moment as an opportunity to engage and connect with life in its fullest and have a heartfelt wish to bring this wonderful gift to others. I am here for you for when you are ready to connect to your body’s innate knowing, aliveness and wholeness.

  • Brighton

    Sarah Hopkins 

    Focusing supports me to feel confident in my own unique experiencing and navigation of life, without defaulting to authority, convention or expectation. After years feeling constricted under the weight of others' ideas of who or what I should be, Focusing frees me up to be fully myself, right now.