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Discovering Focusing was one of those naturally occurring focusing moments for me: I was instantly resonating with Gendlin's book about focusing, when I first came across it. As a Counsellor, I was immediately intrigued by the seemingly 'magic' way to assist healing, inner growth and to access those hard to reach places that often keep people stuck. Witnessing the amazing power of Focusing transformed my view about therapy. I understood that healing happens when we can truly listen to our inner experience, and be with it in a way that is supportive and non-manipulative. Facilitating this became the cornerstone of my work with clients now and brought more joy and clarity to my counselling practice.

I have been practising Focusing for my personal growth since 2011 and had a challenging time with it first. This made me learn a lot about habits and attitudes that can get in the way of the unfolding of our Focusing process. I also became interested in understanding how past traumas can impact our Focusing experience. My struggles about Focusing give me useful insights when teaching others to benefit from it.

I am keen to incorporate Focusing and Focusing attitudes into my daily life and everyday encounters with others. I am interested not just in the intentional practice of Focusing, but in facilitating naturally occurring focusing moments by working with people's existing natural focusing skills.

What I'm Doing Now

I offer one to one Focusing lessons, Guided Focusing sessions and Focusing Oriented Counselling sessions via online video link ( Skype or Zoom) in English or Hungarian. I am especially interested to work with highly sensitive or creative people, who are interested in using Focusing for their personal growth.

Specialities: Sensory Processing Sensitivity (also known as high sensitivity or HSP), stress, anxiety, overwhelm, work/life balance, health issues, alternative lifestyles, empowerment, childlessness, expatriates, intuition, creative blocks and burn out.

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