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  • London

    Abdul Mateen Omary 

    I have got BA in Psychology, Certifying Focusing professional coordinator and TOT in Psychosocial and peace building. Focusing has changed my life, it taught me how to build effective relationships, it gradually changed my behaviour. Focusing helped me develop my listening skills and I learnt to put myself in a...

  • London

    Mary Louise Morris 

    I am a Mindfulness teacher and Focusing practitioner who works with adults and children. I am based in London, and work both online and offline.

  • Brighton

    Sarah Hopkins 

    Focusing supports me to feel confident in my own unique experiencing and navigation of life, without defaulting to authority, convention or expectation. After years feeling constricted under the weight of others' ideas of who or what I should be, Focusing frees me up to be fully myself, right now.

  • Edinburgh

    Marion Stumpe 

    Focusing has beautifully enriched my life. I see every moment as an opportunity to engage and connect with life in its fullest and have a heartfelt wish to bring this wonderful gift to others. I am here for you for when you are ready to connect to your body’s innate knowing, aliveness and wholeness.

  • Bristol BS1, UK

    Harriet Brown 

    I love sharing focusing and helping you make sense of the strands of your life and finding a way forward that feels right at a deeper level. I value the peace that can come from living life in the inner-directed way.

  • South East

    Russ Kendall 

    I have a background in Psychology, which I remain passionate about, and I worked as a Psychology lecturer for many years. My particular interest in Humanistic Psychology led me to train as a Counsellor 10 years ago and I have been running a private practice for the past 6 years....

  • Yorkshire, UK

    Saskia McCafferty 

    I am a BFA Certified Focusing Practitioner and a Certified Focusing Professional with The International Focusing Institute. I am a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) and a Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath Certified Practitioner.

  • Shrewsbury

    Vajrapriya Moss 

    I practice from Shrewsbury UK, having first encountered focusing in 2011. I find the practice of great benefit alongside my spiritual practice (of Buddhism), as well as in digesting the everyday rough-and-tumble of life to see what I feel.

  • Chesham

    Julia Brammer 

    Discovering focusing was a revelation and has profoundly changed my life! It has enabled a deep and compassionate connection with my inner world and a peace that comes from feeling fully heard. It is my joy and privilege to now teach and share focusing as a BFA Certified Focusing Practitioner.

  • Rob Foxcroft 

    Meeting focusing was a homecoming: 'These are my people. I knew this all my life. Now I have friends in this inner world.' Focusing and listening have carried my life forward for many years. It has been a joy and a privilege to share focusing with others, and to listen to their inward explorations.

  • Anglesey, Ynys Môn, UK

    Fiona Owen 

    When we focus, we learn how to listen deeply to what is going on within us. The body is akin to a ‘field of experience’ infused with implicit meaning and, in focusing, we learn how to connect with the innate intelligence within us, gradually building bridges to form relationships with what is there.

  • Kingston upon Thames

    Sonya Steller 

    Hello. I fell in love at first encounter with focusing some 12 years ago in Scotland and have been practicing one way and another ever since. My ongoing focusing partnerships are some of the most valuable relationships I have.

  • Norfolk, UK

    Sara Bradly 

    I am a BACP-registered Child and Adult Counsellor offering Focusing-Oriented Therapy. I also provide workshops and training in Focusing which carries certification from either the International Focusing Institute (TIFI) or from the British Focusing Association (BFA).

  • Trondheim

    Vera Rolfine Fryd Lyngmo 

    Hello! :) One of the greatest things about Focusing is that it allows me to keep practicing standing in 'Not Knowing'; I don't have to choose between what seems contradictary from the everyday perspective. Plus I get to be with others as they discover genuine fresh insights from inside. Yay! <3

  • Bristol

    Catherine Flynn 

    I am a BACP registered counsellor who integrates the principles of Focusing into my counselling practice. I am passionate about supporting clients in 'turning inwards' towards their experiencing and also to listening to the parts of themselves.

  • Brighton

    Matt Farren 

    Hi, I'm Matthew! Focusing for me is a Somatic Dialogue of Prayer, Meditation and Self-Inquiry where the poetic, embodied language of the Soul and the Unconscious emerges to be seen, heard, and honored.

  • London

    Andy Philpott 

    I am a BFA Certified Focusing Practitioner and an IFI Certified Focusing Trainer. I support people exploring their personal relationships and Financial Freedom. I practice Nonviolent Communication (NVC) which I integrate with Focusing to work with groups for social change and in conflict mediation.

  • Yorkshire And Humberside

    David Garlovsky 

    Teacher trainer/CEO Schools and Homes Energy Education Project – Using Focusing/Listening to develop problem solves skills and combine education and invention to facilitate decisions about energy use and climate change. Successfully pioneered an education method and STEM renewable energy resources

  • West Midlands, UK

    Katherine Long 

    I love introducing people to Focusing practice, and am constantly in awe of the many ways it can enrich our lives, as well as to heal past trauma, or stuckness. As well as 121 and group programmes, I combine Focusing with coaching and organisation development.

  • Leek ST13, UK

    Paula Charnley 

    I'm a Person Centred Counsellor & Focusing Practitioner. I support people in getting in touch with their full potential