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  • Brighton

    Sarah Hopkins 

    Focusing supports me to feel confident in my own unique experiencing and navigation of life, without defaulting to authority, convention or expectation. After years feeling constricted under the weight of others' ideas of who or what I should be, Focusing frees me up to be fully myself, right now.

  • Uttlesford

    Elizabeth English 

    Hello, I'm delighted to offer Focusing sessions, and combine it with my work as a Mindfulness Teacher and Trainer in Nonviolent Communication.

  • Yorkshire And Humberside

    David Garlovsky 

    Teacher trainer/CEO Schools and Homes Energy Education Project – Using Focusing/Listening to develop problem solves skills and combine education and invention to facilitate decisions about energy use and climate change. Successfully pioneered an education method and STEM renewable energy resources

  • Marion Winslow 

    Since meeting Focusing I have again and again come back to it as a core resource when I have felt strayed from ‘myself’, & I used its magic a lot in my therapy practice When writing on the links between psychotherapy and spirituality, Focusing became absolutely central, so I became a Practitioner.

  • London

    Farrukh Akhtar 

    I have found Focusing to be one of the most gentle, but powerful ways to cut through all the noise and connect with the wisdom in the body.

  • Dublin

    Fiona O'Meara 

    I came to Focusing through deep suffering. I have a chronic illness but Focusing has taught me how to work with the symptoms in ways that have resulted in dramatic improvement. I am an Inner Relationship Focusing Practitioner and Trainer, who certified under Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara McGavin.

  • Peebles

    Cecelia Clegg 

    For me, Wholebody focusing is a very gentle and powerful way of living into deeper awareness of ourselves in the present moment. Learning to allow our bodies to lead us opens pathways to inner healing, is transformative and life-giving in daily living.

  • Breda

    René Veugelers 

    heis an international Children Focusing coordinator, FOT, Art therapist, Psychiatric nurse trained in Emerging Body Language (EBL). He lives in the Netherlands, where he works with parents, toddlers, children and adolescents, emphasizing the non-verbal world and (early) inner child experiences

  • Rickmansworth

    Halina Rozensztrauch 

    Embodiment is not just listening to the body but listening through the body - that’s been a life-reorienting and enriching perspective that Focusing opened so tangibly. The trust that not knowing becomes knowing moment by moment became irreversible, so here I am, open to explore and inquire with you

  • Southampton

    Elizabeth Smith 

    I qualified as a Person-Centred Counsellor in 1996 and since then have worked in private practice in Harrow. I am a Senior Accredited member of British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and also a member of Association of Christian Counsellors. I first discovered Focusing through witnessing a demonstration given by...

  • Scotland

    Carol Ervine 

    Individual focusing sessions

  • Porziano

    Alex Maunder 

    I am a Body Worker and a Focusing Trainer with the Focusing Institute and a Co-ordinator in Training, so I offer Wholebody Experiential Focusing individual sessions, group workshops, and training as a TFI Trainer.

  • CCWC+79 Bristol, UK

    Mareike Ringena 

    Focusing has shown me how to open the door to the ‘ME’ inside – I am particuraly passionate to integrate Focusing with non verbal creative forms of expression. I am offering Focusing on its own as well as integrating Focusing into my practise as a Dance Movement Psychotherapist.

  • St Werburghs, Bristol, UK

    Isla Macdonald 

    I have practiced Focusing for over 18years and since qualified as a psychotherapeutic counsellor with Re-vision

  • Edinburgh

    Ruth Friedman 

    Focusing has helped me to reach parts of my psyche that nothing else had been able to get anywhere close. It helped me find much needed distance in challenging relationships, and has given me a stronger sense of my Self as a person. Every day, it helps me to stay...

  • London

    Mary Louise Morris 

    I am a Mindfulness teacher and Focusing practitioner who works with adults, children and teenagers. Through Focusing I have learnt to listen to and trust my body's wisdom, and have developed confidence that in any situation, something in me knows the next right step.

  • Tunbridge Wells

    Kirsty Pakes 

    Focusing has been transformative in my life and I am deeply passionate about sharing its gifts with others. It has enabled me to develop a strong, containing yet tender relationship with myself and this supports me to access a kinder and wiser way of being in the world and with others.

  • Torridge

    Sarah Hadfield 

    Sarah is a GP and Mind-Body Practitioner. She integrates Focusing into her work helping clients to understand their physical symptoms from a whole-person perspective. She guides her clients to cultivate an inner relationship to their body, mind and spirit that facilitates self-healing.

  • adriana dorsett 

    As well as being a Focusing Practitioner I have been working with individuals and couples as a relationship counselor, with Relate Avon in Bristol. My passion for Focusing and Counseling led me towards (IFS) Internal Family Systems, specialising in intimacy.

  • Bradford

    Celia Dawson 

    I am a Certifying Co-ordinator with the International Focusing Institute. I train therapists in working with complex trauma and we incorporate Focusing in our work together with many other modalities. I am a Director of the Complex Trauma Institute.