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  • Norfolk, UK

    Sara Bradly 

    I am a BACP-registered Child and Adult Counsellor offering Focusing-Oriented Therapy. I also provide workshops and training in Focusing which carries certification from either the International Focusing Institute (TIFI) or from the British Focusing Association (BFA).

  • Brighton BN1, UK

    Greg Madison 

    I am an existential and focusing-oriented chartered psychologist and specialist psychotherapist on the BPS register. I am practicing and supervising online and lecturing worldwide on therapy, focusing, and related topics. I also host The Living Process, a podcast featuring Focusing conversations.

  • Cockenzie

    Lucy Hyde 

    Focusing has been life-changing for me, and has deeply enriched the way I work with clients therapeutically - so I want to share it with others!

  • Hassocks


    I am a mindfulness teacher and trainer and my life and work has been enriched enormously by Focusing

  • North West

    Patricia Foster 

    I have been living and working (Financial – Shipping Sector) in Greece since 1981 and came across Focusing in 2002. From the out-start I was captivated (and I mean out-start!). I then trained and qualified as a Focuser and Focusing Oriented Therapist with the Focusing institute, HFC and UEA. During...

  • Edinburgh

    Ruth Friedman 

    I help my clients overcome self-doubt, value themselves more and increase their confidence so that they can bring more value to their projects I have been focusing since 2014 and trained in Inner Relational Focusing and Relational Whole Body Focusing

  • Reading

    Angela Hicks 

    I first started Focusing in 2002. I soon realised I'd found something special. Focusing was life changing for me and helped me to deal with many issues that had previously been blocking me. I trained as a Focusing practitioner and then a Focusing teacher as I want other to benefit as much as I have.

  • London

    Frank Bock 

    My background is in the arts, retraining in Existential Psychotherapy in 2001. I work now as an Existential Focusing Oriented Psychotherapist, with individuals and groups, as well as in therapy supervision and training. I became interested in focusing 14 years ago and became excited by the combination of philospohy and...

  • Shrewsbury

    Vajrapriya Moss 

    I practice from Shrewsbury UK, having first encountered focusing in 2011. I find the practice of great benefit alongside my spiritual practice (of Buddhism), as well as in digesting the everyday rough-and-tumble of life to see what I feel.

  • Chesham

    Julia Brammer 

    Discovering focusing was a revelation and has profoundly changed my life! It has enabled a deep and compassionate connection with my inner world and a peace that comes from feeling fully heard. It is my joy and privilege to now teach and share focusing as a BFA Certified Focusing Practitioner.

  • Northampton NN3, UK

    Rob Burgess 

    I have been sharing Focusing with people for 5 yrs in 1:1 sessions. I also integrate Focusing into my bodywork practice as both Shiatsu and Craniosacral Therapist, which includes mentoring of other therapists as well as trainee Focusing practitioners.

  • Bedfordshire, UK

    Kay Hoffmann 

    I love sharing focusing and find it hugely enriching to do so. What a privilege it is to meet people on such an authentic level and to introduce them to this soothing, enlivening, creative way of being with their own inner world!

  • Rickmansworth

    Halina Rozensztrauch 

    Embodiment is not just listening to the body but listening through the body - that’s been a life-reorienting and enriching perspective that Focusing opened so tangibly. The trust that not knowing becomes knowing moment by moment became irreversible, so here I am, open to explore and inquire with you

  • Tywyn

    Bernie Heaney 

    Having practised meditation for years and being a mindfulness teacher, I luckily found focusing. To me focusing is a gateway to self-acceptance and self-compassion. It is in the spirit of 'everything is welcome' that I now share focusing and mindfulness with others.

  • Budapest

    Edit Selmeczi 

    Focusing is an has always been an enriching experience for me. Here I am now to share this experience with others. I am especially interested in exploring the relational field and how the body expresses itself in pictures or movements.

  • Trondheim

    Vera Rolfine Fryd Lyngmo 

    Hello! :) One of the greatest things about Focusing is that it allows me to keep practicing standing in 'Not Knowing'; I don't have to choose between what seems contradictory from the everyday perspective. Plus I get to be with others as they discover genuine fresh insights from inside. Yay!

  • Brighton and Hove

    Sandy Gee 

    I've been a keen focuser for over 20 years and a focusing oriented psychotherapist for 10. In recent years I've undergone further advanced training and incorporated into my work Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) and Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) both approaches that integrate focusing in a more directly relational...

  • Wyre Forest

    Jerry Conway 


  • Stanmore HA7, UK

    Paula Newman 

    I find Focusing enriching and healing. It supports empathic and accepting listening, which is in tune with my person-centred therapy approach. I value Focusing as a way of coping with physical ailments, and include this as a topic in my Focusing Skills Training.

  • St Werburghs, Bristol, UK

    Isla Macdonald 

    I have practiced Focusing for over 18years and since qualified as a psychotherapeutic counsellor with Re-vision