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Benefits of Focusing

Focusing a unique mind body approach
Focusing honours the wisdom of the body, allowing access to the bodily felt sense of our situations rather than just using our thinking. It supports the resolution of stuck process by directing attention to the uniqueness of each persons experience, which then produces incremental shifts that brings relief and new ways forward.

Key benefits of Focusing 

Focusing is a mindful process that allows us to stay with and connect to our lived experiencing. It offers a gentle way of understanding what matters, directing us to what is at stake in fresh ways so that change can occur. It can be applied to a broad range of areas of self development: psychological, professional, social and spiritual.

  • Fosters a kinder more curious way of being with thoughts and feelings               
  • Supports a way of being with our whole selves          
  • Deepens understanding of self and others              
  • Implies new steps to action                    
  • Supports a kinder, gentle and curious ‘internal climate’             
  • Develops ways to manage self judgement and criticism                           
  • Brings openness, grounded-ness and centre-ing          

Key benefits for professionals

Focusing is a process that can deepen your professional practice. It can be applied to any professional relationship where development and growth are central to the work. It values the individual’s process in ways that tests out and support the concepts and models we apply.

It can allow us to go beyond assumptions to discover what more is at stake which then opens the way ahead.

  • Enhances listening, fosters a listening to the deeper point             
  • Supports innovation and fresh thinking     
  • Deals with dilemmas and intractable situations                   
  • Finds new articulation, orientation and new ways to move forward
  • Takes the whole human into account
  • Values complexity and an individual’s unique pathway