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All of our members offer one to one sessions. Many of our members offer all sorts of courses and events to learn or deepen Focusing. Search for a course near you or online. Find out when the next introductory workshop is running or go deeper with a themed course. (To book on any course – follow the event listing below to the teacher’s page)

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If you are new to Focusing then it’s best to start with a course aimed at beginners. These can be stand alone courses or offered as part of the BFA skills certificate. Either will equip you to take Focusing into a partnership setting and offer tools and insights into using Focusing in your own life.

For a more complete foundation course in Focusing, take the BFA skills certificate. This is a thorough training in the art of Focusing and Listening (or being a companion). It comprises of around 50-60 hours of training and can be completed online or through in person workshops. Usually it takes a few months to complete and each teacher offers a unique but complete set of skills around Focusing and Listening.

If you already know the basics of Focusing then you may want take a look at our special interest courses – delving into areas of Focusing practice such as Focusing and Dreams or Wholebody Focusing.

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  • 30th October 2020 The Purley Chase Centre, near Atherstone, Warwickshire, Atherstone CV9, UK

    The Gifts of the Body in Focusing and Companioning 

    This residential event is suitable for anyone who would like to integrate the treasures of Wholebody Focusing into their focusing and companioning. The themes we will explore together include: letting our whole ‘alive’ body guide…

  • 3rd November 2020 Zoom Online


    Focusing Skills Certificate

    Meet your needs for a comprehensive introduction to focusing in an intimate and deepening sense of community on Zoom where we will share and learn together inviting a rewarding felt sensing of creativity, growth and…

  • 5th November 2020 Online - via zoom

    Focusing with a Life Issue: Four Week Personal Development Course 


    Thursdays 12.30-2.30pm 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th Nov on Zoom – £100 – space for 4-6 people Take the opportunity to work on an issue in your life with the support...

  • 11th November 2020 Online

    Level 3, Focusing and Companioning 

    Focusing Skills Certificate

    Focusing is a gentle way of paying ourselves attention and deepening self-awareness. It trusts that our body knows and can tell us what we need for physical and emotional health. During Level three, participants will…

  • 13th November 2020 Online - via zoom

    Focusing with Stress and Overwhelm 


    In this two hour course get a taste of the Focusing process and experience how this practice can assist us living with difficult experiences. Learn how you can support yourself...

  • 17th November 2020 All sessions will be held via Zoom.

    Introduction to Focusing for Change Practitioners 


    Are you a coach, leader or organisation development practitioner looking to deepen your practice through embodiment? In a world of virtual working, knowing how to access somatic intelligence for ourselves, and to support this in…

  • 21st November 2020 South West

    Workshop 5: The path to Wholeness 

    Focusing Skills Certificate

    Weekend 5 of the BFA skills series exploring how focusing can help with integration of all aspects of human experience. Topics: Focusing and Spirituality Living from “self-in-presence” What is wholeness...

  • 21st November 2020 Online - via zoom

    Focusing with our Dreams 


    In this two hour course explore how Focusing can open up different aspects of your dreams and help you utilise the growth potential within them. You will have the opportunity...

  • 26th November 2020

    How to lose it less with your kids! Focusing skills for more empathic parenting 


    Do you find that despite your best intentions, you can end up losing it with your children and saying and doing things you regret? Do you feel guilty after losing it with your child and…

  • 28th November 2020 London, London

    The Felt Sense of our Future 


    A weekend workshop for experienced focusers to explore our responses to climate change and other environmental threats, and how we can broaden our listening to the felt sense beyond the...