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Professional training

A Focusing Practitioner or Teacher has the ability to open up the world of Focusing to someone who has never known it before. They may represent the entire field of Focusing, since they may be the only source of a person’s experience with Focusing. These are some of the reasons why training is worth a serious commitment of time, money and personal development for those who find it to be their path.

Becoming a Practitioner or Teacher is a possibility for someone from any walk of life. You do not have to be a therapist or have other formal credentials. This is a human process open to any person.

Focusing joins naturally with any kind of work in which you are attending to an ongoing process. For example, it can fit seamlessly into your work if you help others move forward or find more ease, or your work is about finding the right expression for something.

Teaching one to one
If you want to become a BFA Recognised Focusing Practitioner (and teach or guide one to one sessions), you need to have completed the BFA Certificate in Focusing Skills (or equivalent) and be accepted onto a BFA Mentor’s training programme. See below for who currently offers practitioner and teacher training.

Teaching groups
To teach groups you will need to become a BFA Recognised Focusing Teacher, you will have needed having first to completed the Practitioner training, and be accepted onto a BFA Mentor’s training programme. See below for who currently offers practitioner and teacher training. 

You can also train through the International Focusing Institute

Training as a Focusing Oriented therapist
You can find out more here about training as a Focusing oriented therapist or counsellor :

BFA Mentors list block

BFA Mentors who offer Practitioner and teacher training:

  • Rob Foxcroft 

    Meeting focusing was a homecoming: ‘These are my people. I knew this all my life. Now I have friends in this inner world.’ Focusing and listening have carried my life forward for many years. It has been a joy and a privilege to share focusing with others, and to listen to their inward explorations.

  • Norfolk, UK

    Sara Bradly 

    I am a BACP-registered Child and Adult Counsellor offering Focusing-oriented counselling. I also provide workshops and professional training in Focusing which carries certification from the International Focusing Institute.

  • Brussel

    Ruth Friedman 

    Focusing has helped me to reach parts of my psyche that nothing else had been able to get anywhere close. It helped me find much needed distance in challenging relationships, and has given me a stronger sense of my Self as a person. Every day, it helps me to stay…

  • Yorkshire And Humberside

    David Garlovsky 

    CEO Solar-Active/Schools and Homes Energy Education Project – Using Focusing/Listening to develop problem solves skills and combine education and invention to facilitate decisions about energy use and climate change. Successfully pioneered an education method and renewable energy resources

  • Kennet

    Addie Van Der Kooy 

    I have been fortunate to work closely for many years with Kevin McEvenue, the founder of Wholebody Focusing (WBF). First as his client and later as co-presenter of many WBF workshops and retreats in the UK. We also produced the WBF workbook “Focusing With Your Whole Body”. I am registered…

  • South West

    Barbara McGavin 

    My greatest joy is exploring the frontiers of the Focusing process – what it is and how it can be applied in daily life. Since 1991, Ann Weiser Cornell and I have been developing Inner Relationship Focusing to help people learn Focusing more easily. Since 1994, we have been exploring…

  • Stroud

    Peter Gill 

    I came across Focusing on a retreat in 2003, and since then I have not looked back. It has made a huge difference to my life. For me it is much more than a therapeutic tool: it connects to a whole approach to living. Focusing has helped me to live more deeply from my values.

  • Brighton BN1, UK

    Greg Madison 

    I am an existential and focusing-oriented chartered psychologist and registered psychotherapist, practicing and supervising in the UK and lecturing worldwide on therapy, focusing, and related topics.

  • Bedfordshire, UK

    Kay Hoffmann 

    I love sharing focusing and find it hugely enriching to do so. What a privilege it is to meet people on such an authentic level and to introduce them to this soothing, enlivening, moving, creative way of being with their own inner world!

  • London

    Peter Afford 

    Focusing changed my life! After years of meditation and personal growth workshops, Focusing showed me how to have a fruitful relationship with my feelings and bodily intuition. I discovered that I too had feelings, that the unwanted ones shifted when I paid attention to them, and that all my feelings…

  • Liverton

    Fiona Parr 

    Focusing has given me so much and I enjoy sharing its riches and gifts with others. I teach Focusing from my home on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon, and online. I enjoy working with people in individual sessions and teaching small groups.