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About the BFA

The British Focusing Association is a support and training organisation, supporting the learning and sharing of Focusing and overseeing professional trainings in the UK

Why we exist?

For each of us, Focusing is an integral aspect of our lives. We have each experienced the subtle and profound shifts that Focusing can bring. All of us long for a world in which the benefits of Focusing are as widespread as those of Mindfulness or meditation. We believe that cooperation and mutual support among independent Focusing practitioners helps to create the kind of world that we want to be a part of.

For almost 30 years we have striven to create the kind of association that is in alignment with our deeply held values and is an expression of Focusing itself.

History of the BFA

In 1994, a small group of Focusing teachers joined together to form the British Focusing Teachers Association (now the British Focusing Association CIC) We wanted to support each other as Focusing teachers. Since then we have grown to include people who offer one-to-one Focusing sessions and Focusing-Oriented therapists and coaches.

What we do

The BFA supports:

  • Becoming Focusing practitioners, teachers and consultants through training to become a BFA recognised Practitioner or Teacher, through mutual support partnerships and through our online and annual gatherings
  • Continuing professional development, through consultative support partnerships and through advanced and special topic trainings

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Mutual respect
We believe that each person brings something of value to our endeavours. Each member’s voice has equal validity – and everyone is encouraged to share their viewpoint.

We are committed to high standards of personal and professional integrity.

We honour the creativity and diverse styles of each of our members. Because this is so important to us, our teachers are free to design their own programmes and develop their own teaching styles

We are open to what each person can contribute to our knowledge and understanding of Focusing and how it can be shared with others.
We are open to including recognised practitioners from each of the approaches to practising and teaching Focusing.

Sensitivity to each person’s needs
Each person is an individual with their own needs. We are committed to being sensitive to the individual needs of each of our members, students and clients.

We are committed to taking into account each person’s feelings of acceptance or disquiet. For this reason we do not vote. We make decisions by listening carefully until all those present agree to go forward.

 UK-based certified Focusing professionals who meet at least one of the following criteria:

Overseas certified Focusing professionals who meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Trained with a UK based BFA Mentor or TIFI Coordinator
  • Have been based in the UK as an existing member and have now moved (or returned) to another country
  • Have connections with current BFA members, a sense of belonging to the BFA community and an affinity to BFA’s values

Become a member 

To join the BFA please email our membership secretary (Suzi Mackenzie) who will send you further instructions and next steps.

Benefits and costs

  • Be supported in your personal and professional practice 
  • Network, learn and share wisdom with peers through online and in person gatherings
  • Join our email discussion group to keep in touch
  • Have your own profile page on the website, and share events, articles and blog posts

Membership costs from £40 per year