elizabeth english - Focusing Member in north east


I came across Focusing a number of years ago, and was immediately struck by the depth and sensitivity of its empathic listening. Since then, my practice of Focusing has enriched my life immeasurably. I’ve been fascinated with the ways it helps me to hold, own and value my own experience, whether moments of profound and uplifting experience, or overwhelming experience, traumatic experience, for which I don’t have words. It has opened up new ways of experiencing and understanding myself, and given me a pathway into the mysterious and extraordinary world of dreams.

Focusing fits perfectly with the other main threads of my life. I have meditated for over 25 years, and now Focusing enriches my meditation practice, giving me more ways to explore the inner world, bringing in in myth, image, symbol, body sense, thoughts and feelings. For the last six years I have worked as a trainer in Noviolent Communication (NVC). NVC is another approach to inner (and outer) listening and responding which also has its roots in empathic presence with ourselves and other people. Focusing has also brought many insights to way I practice, share and teach NVC. Another newer thread includes some work with Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling. I am also interest in Focusing and movement, and practice Wholebody Focusing and Authentic Movement

BFA recognised Focusing Teacher, Wholebody Focusing Trainer

What I'm Doing Now

I run my own business (Life at Work) offering courses, training, coaching very broadly in professional and personal settings. My professional work includes consultancy and mediation in organisations ranging from the police, the NHS, private sector businesses, governmental organisations and so on. I also run personal development courses from time to time. My one-to-one coaching often combines a mixture of the approaches which I draw on in my own life and practice.

Primary Email

Elizabeth English - elizabeth@lifeatwork.co.uk