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I first learned Focusing in 1990, when I needed support during a time of change in my life. I was invited to join a small practice group of Focusers, which developed a deepening into the practice over many years. Focusing has given me huge personal support by giving me a practical and specific way to deal with problems and issues as they arise. I have access to my emotions in a safe way that does not overwhelm me, and I do not need to deny them. Over time, problems and difficulties have dissolved. I have more self-confidence, and can more easily speak my mind.

What inspires me is the enormous respect Focusing develops in people, for themselves and for others. Witnessing what happens when someone Focuses with the support of a good listener can be wonderful and extraordinary.

I have had the good fortune to train with world-class Focusing teachers, and what I have learned from each of them informs my practice.

I have extensive background in supporting personal development, in myself and in others. I lived at the Findhorn Foundation, a spiritual community for 5 years. I have travelled teaching dance and meditation in Australia and other places. I am also a therapeutic counsellor and I integrate Focusing into my work as a therapist.

BFA Recognised Focusing Teacher and Mentor, Focusing Institute Trainer and Certifying Coordinator

What I'm Doing Now

I offer individual sessions in Exeter and Liverton in Devon, and on the phone or face-to-face by Skype

I run regular workshops and trainings, Focusing Practitioner and Teacher training programmes.

Special topic workshops:
Wholebody Focusing
Focusing and Creative Self-expression; Expressing from Within
Focusing and Dreams
The Transformation Game
Focusing for Everyday Life CD -

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01626 821110

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07799 027332

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An Introduction to Thinking at the Edge

specialist Course

This is the second process that Eugene Gendlin has developed,...

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This is the second process that Eugene Gendlin has developed, after Focusing. It is using Focusing to identify exactly what you know about something. It enables you to articulate what you want to say about this, in the way that only you can. Find something that you care about, that you know something about, and that you want to say something about. Discover how you can begin to communicate what you know but can’t yet formulate. This is an introductory weekend, and we will only have time to explore the first stages of the TAE process. But that is valuable in itself – it’s an adventure in thinking, Focusing, self-exploration and questioning. It’s challenging, demanding and very enjoyable. Prerequisite: Focusing Skills Course Level 2

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Sat 13 Jul - 14 Jul 2019

Liverton, Devon, south west

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Introduction to Focusing: Level 1 The Essence of Focusing online course by Zoom 2pm – 5pm

introductory Course

Tuesday afternoons 2pm - 5pm for 4 weeks. It comprises...

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Tuesday afternoons 2pm - 5pm for 4 weeks. It comprises Levels 1 of the Focusing skills Certificate course, and there is an option to continue on to the full five Levels. Learn how to listen to your inner wisdom through creating a positive inner relationship with yourself. Develop the knowledge and skills to begin to practise Focusing alone, and to begin to listen to an other, so you can Focus with a companion.

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Tue 8 Oct - 29 Oct 2019

Liverton, Devon, skype worldwide

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Online Focusing Skills Certificate Level 2: Focusing Partners

focusing skills certificate Course

Practise the listening skills that enable you to companion someone...

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Practise the listening skills that enable you to companion someone else in a Focusing partnership. Expand your Focusing skills and deepen your ability to listen to yourself encourage your personal growth and development. By the end of Level 2, you will be able to join a peer group of Focusers, form a Focusing partnership, and attend further or advanced classes and workshops. With Fiona Parr

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Tue 3 Dec - 9 Jan 2020

Liverton, Devon, skype worldwide

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