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I discovered Focusing in 2007 at an introductory workshop run by Chris Wilson in Bristol. I had already done quite a lot of meditation and 1-1 reflective practice (e.g. Interactive Inquiry) and took to Focusing immediately. Since then I have Focused regularly and frequently and have derived huge benefit from it. For me, Focusing is a spiritual practice and it is the best way I have yet discovered of opening to truth and developing compassion for myself and others. I also find Focusing to be deeply psychologically integrative and healing. I love Focusing and see it as great gift.

Witnessing the depth of benefit experienced by myself and others from Focusing, led to a decision to run Focusing workshops and to support ongoing Focusing groups locally. I did a certification course with Fiona Parr in Bristol and followed it by doing the practitioner training with Peter Afford in London. I am very interested in how regular Focusing within a group or community of people might influence the dynamics of that group. My practitioner training project was entitled 'Introducing Focusing locally and establishing and supporting local Focusing groups and networks, towards the creation of a local Focusing community'

I have had a long-term interest in spirituality and healing. I have been a member of Bristol Insight Meditation since it started in 2003 and have practiced qigong for many years. I also love music and poetry, and have found Focusing with poems to be very rewarding.

BFA recognised Focusing Practitioner

What I'm Doing Now

I have worked as a Homeopath, Homeopathy teacher and supervisor for about 30 years. Homeopathy also has the 'non-judgemental active listening' element that is in Focusing. I have had some interesting 'crossover' experiences with Focusing and Homeopathy which have included 'Focusing moments' with my Homeopathy clients, and also on occasion offering and giving Homeopathic remedies to people I Focus with. I sometimes perceive a very clear 'remedy picture' when someone is Focusing. The results of these 'Focusing prescriptions' have generally been very good. I have also used Focusing to access information in the proving of some new remedies, including a 'Focusing Proving' of the remedy made from Wolf's Milk at the 2013 BFA AGM.

I organise and facilitate an ongoing monthly Focusing group in Bristol. The group is open to anyone regardless of Focusing experience. The group (Bristol Insight Focusing Group) has been running for about 10 years now and it has acted as a doorway into Focusing for many people locally. (See Focusing Partners and Groups page for details of the Bristol group)

I teach one-day or weekend 'Introduction to Focusing' workshops. I like to use the workshops as a springboard for establishing local Focusing groups so that people can have some continuity of practice.

I lead regular 5-day 'Focusing Retreats' at a wonderful retreat centre on Dartmoor. These retreats are open to anyone who has experience of 1-1 Focusing. They offer an opportunity for 'coming to rest' and forming a deeper connection with oneself, with others, and with nature, through the provision of a safe, supportive and nourishing environment, and through practices including Focusing, silent group walking, meditation and qigong.

For some years I have experimented with bringing touch into Focusing sessions, when appropriate, generally with very good results - my experience, in short, is that touch can greatly support presence and deepen the Focuser's experience. I led several well-received workshops on 'Focusing & Touch' in 2016, including at the International Focusing Conference in Cambridge and at the BFA AGM Gathering.

I also offer 1-1 Focusing teaching, or individual Focusing sessions.

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0117 9080494

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Gordon Adam - gordonadam@blueyonder.co.uk



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New Year Focusing Retreat

specialist Course

This 5-day retreat brings an opportunity for rest, reflection and...

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This 5-day retreat brings an opportunity for rest, reflection and renewal at the year’s end after the busyness of Christmas. It aims to provide a safe, supportive and nourishing environment, with space to form a deeper connection with yourself, with others and with nature. The retreat is open to anyone who has some experience of 1-1 Focusing. There will time each day for: · 1-1 Focusing sessions · Input and discussion on Focusing practice · Silent group walks · Group meditation · Early morning qigong (or personal practice) · Group sharing · Free time for resting, walking, etc. The retreat will be held partly in silence, but there is also time to interact socially with the group. Extra group activities such as Dartmoor walks, dance/movement, massage, poetry sharing, etc, also tend to arise on the retreats. We will also mark the turning of the year with a ritual or celebration. The retreat is structured around a daily schedule which is provided as a framework and support, but there is no obligation or pressure to attend every session and participants are encouraged to attune to and respect their own individual process and needs, which can include spending time alone. The retreat starts with supper on the evening of the first day, and ends after lunch on the last day. We bring and cook our own food – each person generally brings ingredients for one meal (lunch or supper) for the group and gets help to cook it – this supports a sense of group bonding and grounding, as well as keeping the cost of the retreat down. The total cost of food is shared equally by everyone in the group. The venue: Bala Brook Retreat Centre is a wonderful, comfortable, spacious venue, set right next to the Bala Brook in a beautiful, quiet location near South Brent on the edge of Dartmoor (20 minutes drive from Totnes and a 2 hour drive from Bristol). See www.balabrook.org.uk for further information about the centre. Costs & bookings: There will be a maximum of 14 places available on the retreat. Accommodation is in single or double rooms, many are en-suite. The cost of the retreat is £320 (£260 concs), not including food (the food cost usually works out at around £8 per day per person). Contact Gordon for a booking form if you would like to come on a retreat. I will need to receive a completed form (by email or post) plus a deposit of £100 to reserve a place. The balance of the retreat fee is payable 4-6 weeks before the start of the retreat.

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Sun 29 Dec - 3 Jan 2020

Dartmoor, south west

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