BFA skills certificate

What is The BFA Skills Certificate?
Most people initially learn Focusing for their own use in everyday life and in peer Focusing exchanges. The BFA skills certificate is a Foundation course inFocusing course which will help you to:

  • Listen to yourself in a Focusing way
  • Listen to others in a Focusing way
  • Bring Focusing into your everyday life
  • Have a Focusing partnership (a peer Focusing exchange)

The BFA Certificate course is a prerequisite to further training as a BFA Recognised Focusing Practitioner or Teacher

How long is the course and how is it structured?

It is usually 60 hours of teaching and practice broken into 5 “Levels”. Usually the courses are held over 5 weekends or 5 sets of courses. Most teachers offer each ‘Level’ separately so you can book just one ‘Level’ at a time. Each teacher offers a unique course but covering the same Foundation skills in Focusing. Some teachers off the course taught through one to one sessions, though you won’t have the opportunity of practicing your listening skills with more than one person or the richness of other people’s questions being answered.

Are there any prerequisites to joining a course?

Some teachers ask that you have an individual session with them before joining. This is to help you know if Focusing is right for you. Some teachers have no prerequisites.

When is the next BFA Certificate course?

Here is the calendar of all the upcoming BFA Certificate courses. (link to events page)

Is there a BFA Certificate course near me?

Here you can see the BFA Certificate courses near you. (link to events page)

Do I get a certificate at the end of it? Can this count as CPD?

When you complete a BFA Certificate in Focusing Skills course, your teacher will give you a signed certificate stating that you have attended an introductory course in Focusing and Listening skills. Most teachers offer CPD certificates.