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Become a Focusing Professional/Trainer – Deepen your Focusing Skills

10th September 2023 - 30th September 2023 Zoom

Professional Training Workshop/Event

As a Certified Focusing Professional or Trainer you can introduce and guide people who are new to Focusing one-to-one, and teach Focusing to groups. You are eligible to present the International Focusing Institute (TIFI) ‘Proficiency in Focusing Partnership Award’ to students of your Focusing Courses, so they can join the world-wide Focusing Partnership network.
You are equally welcome if you simply want to enhance your Focusing Partnerships, refine and deepen your Focusing and listening skills, and enrich and beautify your daily living.

Registration is now Open
If you think you might be interested, we can meet 20 minutes free of charge, so you can ask questions.
You can ask me for a 1-hour Focusing session, the fee is offset against the training fee if you decide to join

My Upcoming Training
The training will begin in early 2024. Revisiting the Level 1 to 5 Focusing course is part of this training and will begin in December 2023. When exactly the training begins is not set in stone, and will be agreed upon with those ready to sign up. Training times will allow those in America and Europe to join.

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