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Focusing with Poetry

14th March 2021

Specialist online

Nature, beauty and the arts (including poetry) are currently more important than ever to help keep us connected and it touch with our humanity in the time of coronavirus lockdowns. For this reason I’ve decided that now is a good time to offer workshops to support and encourage Focusers to bring poems into their Focusing, as an extension of the many ‘territories’ that Focusing can provide a doorway into!

The workshop lasts for 3.5 hours (including breaks) and is open to anyone who know how to Focus and companion. The schedule will be something like:

  • 1-1 check-ins and brief personal introductions
  • Workshop introduction & demo
  • Focusing with a partner on a given poem (1hr, including break)
  • Group sharing
  • Focusing with a partner on your chosen poem (1hr, including break)
  • Group sharing

In the first paired session everyone will Focus on the same poem – we then get to witness how different people may find different individual meanings emerging from the same poem, or to what extent we find a shared meaning. In the second session you will need to have access to a poem of your choice that you’ve already decided on. I suggest a poem that you already know or like and have some resonance with. You could also choose to Focus on a poem that you’ve written yourself. You will Focus with a different partner in each session.

The workshop fee is £25 (15 concs). Contact me on for a booking form.

There will also be a workshop on Sunday 9th May.

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